Burn OTK

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Use this deck with the   Duel, standby! skill.

This deck revolves around dealing effect damage to your opponent and winning the duel quickly.

Main Deck

Restructer Revolution Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Card
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Restructer Revolution


The whole purpose of this deck is dealing damage with your cards. It's designed to be a OTK (One Turn Kill) and win you the duel on the first turn. This wont happen every duel but it will happen in the first few turns. With only having 4000 LP it's very easy to win with this deck. Hinotama and Raimei being main damagers in this deck along with Gravekeeper's curse being your one monster to deal a good 500 damage.

Your only goal is to get as many cards played as possible. Card of Sanctity allows you to draw 2 cards getting you a good hand if you were dealt nothing at the start. Cup of Ace also helping with this effect. Just keep playing cards and dealing damage til you win.