Cerberus 8k+ farm

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Use this deck with Yami Yugi and the   Sorcery Conduit skill.

Cerberus deck to farm over 8k points now that Ryu is fixed.

Main Deck

Goddess with the Third Eye Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Card
1 4N

Goddess with the Third Eye

Cu Chulainn the Awakened Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Card
1 4R

Cu Chulainn the Awakened

Murmur of the Forest Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Card
1 R

Murmur of the Forest

Shooting Star Bow – Ceal Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Card
1 SR

Shooting Star Bow – Ceal

Sword of Deep-Seated Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Card
1 N

Sword of Deep-Seated

Emblem of the Awakening Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Card
1 N

Emblem of the Awakening

Hieroglyph Lithograph Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Card
1 N

Hieroglyph Lithograph

Extra Deck


This can be used with any draw sense that lets you draw Cerberus without any interferance. Also you can completely remove the tribute summon if you can consistantly play 5 glossy cards each game. This is important if you don't have 2 cerbs.

How to get 8k: The way you get 8k with this deck is to Tribute Summon, Ritual Summon, Fusion Summon, play at least 2 glossy cards, reach 1000- LP, have 0 cards left in deck, and do over 9999 damage.

How to play: You want to take 1,8k damage in order to force draw Cerberus from your deck, then you want to buff it up to the point where your opponent can't summon a monster that is stronger than your Cerberus. Then you want to try and wait until you draw your 2nd Cerberus before you use any other spell cards aside from Shard of Greed. You almost always want to use Shard of Greed either way. Then you pretty much "wait" until you reach 0 cards, that's when you want to use de-spell to remove your own Sword of Deep-seated, just make sure your opponent won't outdeck, if you're opponent is about to outdeck then you can just use de-spell on something else. Then you end your turn and wait until your next turn because Sword of Deep-Seated will be back in your deck, then you repeat that process once again (only if your opponent won't outdeck). Then you'll reach your actual last turn and that's when you just want to use every spell that you have left to use aside from Polymerization, Emblem of the Awakening, and Starbow Ceal. When you've used every spell aside from Polymerization, Emblem of the Awakening, and Starbow Ceal, you want to see how strong your 2nd Cerb is. If your 2nd Cerberus has more than 3500 ATK then you want to use Riryoku on your 2nd Cerb and buff your 1st Cerb. If your 2nd Cerb has less than 3500 then you want to tribute summon Meteor Dragon then use Polymerization in order to Summon Meteor B. Dragon and use Riryoku on Meteor B. Dragon instead. Then you use Meteor B. Dragon as the Ritual Material and Ritual Summon Cu Chulainn the Awakened. Then you use Starbow Ceal on your Cerberus and attack your opponent directly for game.