Chaos Deck

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Use this deck with Mai Valentine and the   Aroma Strategy skill.

Chaos build designed to make the best use out of the new Valkyrie's Rage pack.

Main Deck

Wicked-Breaking Flamberge – Baou Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Card
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Wicked-Breaking Flamberge – Baou


Chaos Deck

Brief Description

O.k first off admittedly not the most affordable deck. I was looking to create the most stable chaos deck viable in the current meta. For those who weren't into the TCG chaos decks are a composition of light and dark monsters that are used to special summon you're boss monster by removing them from the graveyard.

I'm hoping that the synergy between the high ATK light monsters and the Shadowslayer+Kuriboh dark monster gimmicks mix well together. I don't really have a good sense of the characters and their abilities yet so I'm not fully confident on which to use, another viable option if Bandit Keith's Switcheroo(Post original deck I decided Aroma Strategy was the best choice due to Dimensional Alchemist thanks to reddit user iTrainedRobin).

Card Descriptions

Sky Scourge - Scourge is the big boss of this deck but he isn't required to win if fact he's likely to be the target of Cards from the Sky if you get him to early. His summon requirements shouldn't be to difficult in this build with a 6:4 ratio of Fairys and Fiends. Enemy Controller comes in handy to send select monsters to to grave to fill the roll in a pinch and chaos zone brings back out of play cards in ideal situations. Also Scourge gets a boost from Vylon Charger and can help use Chaos Zone putting 3 cards out of play by himself.

Dunames Dark Witch - This cards is one of the main building blocks of the deck being the best attacker with out any boosts or summoning conditions. It works really well with Vylon Charger, Cards from the Sky and Enrise to perform some great feets of strength.

Dimensional Alchemist - This card fills a lot of roles in the deck, it is a high ATK beater to match Dunames, it puts cards out of play for Chaos Zone and like Dunames it has synergy with Vylon Charger, Cards from the Sky and Enrise.

Vylon Charger - I switched to this card after playing with the idea of Freya, Spirit of Victoy because it has more sustainability by it's self (in comparison) and equips are more important than Court of Justice in this deck. This card pairs really well with Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou to destroy face downs like 4-Star Ladybug of Doom.

Sphere Kuriboh - Sphere Kuriboh is a tried and true card of Duel Links and though it's ritual effect plays no part in this deck it still has a very important role. It can easily put it's self in the graveyard for Enrise as well as switch opponents monsters to DEF for defensive purposes and for shadowslayer.

Shadowslayer - This card is good for poking life point damage and more Enrise fodder. With so many cards to swtich opponents monsters to DEF this card is the second best Fiend card for this deck at the moment.

Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou As stated before this card pairs well with Vylon Charger to destroy pesky flippers. It's discard isn't ideal but in this deck it can potentially be a benefit which is better than most times it's used.

Black Pendant - This card can be replaced by any good equip card I chose Black Pendant because of it's lack of restrictions and it's extra burn potential.

Chaos Zone - If this game had a one field spell only for you and your opponent this card would be an absolute must but it still has it's uses regardless. Being able to special summon from your out of play zone will be really good for that last turn push and combos well with Enrise and Dimensional Alchemist.

Cards from the Sky - it's pretty much just a pot of greed in this deck (not that anyone knows what that does) but it also feeds chaos zone. Not being able to special summon for one turn is a bit of a drag but worth it.

Enemy Controller I don't think anyone needs to be told how versatile this card is but it is especially fitting in this deck with shadowslayer.

Trap Jammer I'm not 100% on this but it seems like it will really help with last turn push and I can't imagine many duels this isn't going to come in hand in the current meta.

Windstorm of Etaqua - A staple card in a lot of decks but in this deck it has the added benefit of backing up Shadowslayer pokes.


I doubt anyone will ever get the chance to use this stupidly overpriced deck but I think it would do really well in the current meta. Some notes I have are that it needs S/T removal, some cards get cloggy in the hand and how could you lose with the Spirit of Victory on your side?