Dollar Store Macro Monarch

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Use this deck with Bandit Keith and the   Bandit skill.

My attempt at a Macro Monarch deck in a game that doesn't contain the card Macro Cosmos...

The usual stall and out resource your opponent using your Canadias/Floodgate, D.D. monster re-summoning (for tribute-fodder) and Monarch's card destruction.

Main Deck

Different Dimension Ground Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Card
3 R

Different Dimension Ground


The general idea is use gold sarc to banish d.d. scout plane for tributes. your d.d. monsters will come back during the end phase when you activate different dimension gate pretty much whatever happens, and it will stall a lot of meta deck's turn if you activate it in the standby phase (vamps, blue eyes etc.) - just be wary of the battle damage. Shut down your opponent's plays with canadia/floodgate and blow up their monsters with your monarchs (don't go for spell/trap cards with granmarg unless you have to because it usually gets activated anyway). The more tributes you make the better!


*** The soul absorption is meant to be SOUL RELEASE but the deck builder doesn't have the card. Also, many people don't have access to the card, so some alternatives are; crevice into the different dimension, another monarch, cosmic cyclone. Soul release/crevice into the d.d. are good to reuse d.d. scout plane(s). ***

- Gold sarc: banish scout plan whenever possible, otherwise soul release is an okay alternative. 2 turns being down a resource that your opponent can see is not ideal. Also, with the speed of duel links, it isn't possible to accurately predict the game in 4 turns time. Soul release, however, will usually be more useful in as time goes on.

- Different dimension ground: use it to get your D.D.s back, remembering you can use it before you tribute summon. Very consistent tactic (always play before Wiz is summoned). Big weakness is battle damage, but can sneakily help to activate your bandit skill if you decide to play it.

- Soul release: use on scout plane(s) to get them back in the game and can really hurt some meta strategies. Be aggressive with it. Clear out spellbook's grave. Banish any vampire/blue eyes monster even if you only hit a card or 2.

- Skills: note 100% on the correct skill, but bandit ties in quite well with the resource grinding nature of the deck, as well as playing into the fact you may take some hits. Sealed tombs, baggy sleeves and LP boost α were other considerations

Feel free to comment on any suggestions on how to make this deck work better! (other than waiting for macro cosmos/dimensional fissure to be released)