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Deck built around the strong Fairies in the game, such as Freya, Duname's and Parsarth, and exploiting Court of Justice.

Main Deck


For some reason Air Knight Parsharth is not in the database, so Royal Knight is the placeholder for him. The point of the deck is to keep a Freya on the board for at least one turn, then most of the other Fairies you can play will be too difficult to kill because of Freya's effect. Kuriboh and Half Shut are there to help you keep your Freyas and Dark Witches on the board for at least a turn, and I've added two copies of hourglass because of their strong synergy with these cards. These are the flex spots; you can play a twister or two, or possibly third kuriboh and Sky Scourge Enrise if you have him. Court of Justice allows you to cheat out your Air Knights, and 1 copy of Moisture Creature is in the deck for this purpose; so you can have blowout wins where you steamroller your opponent with a free 3200 attack on an early turn. All in all, the deck is incredibly fun to play, surprisingly viable, and I look forward to seeing people trying the deck on ladder!