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Use this deck with the   Switcheroo skill.

This deck revolves around Fire type monsters. Getting them out and dealing heavy damage with them.

Main Deck

Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Card
2 4SR

Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective


This deck's cards are mostly from the Flames of the Tyrant pack so you can get the most of them in one place. The main point of the deck is focusing on the Fire attribute. Two of the main monsters for this deck are Flame Ruler and Gaia Soul of the Combustible Collective. Flame Ruler is gonna be your key to get cards like Infernal Flame Emperor and Tyrant Dragon on the field. He can be used as 2 tributes for Fire attribute monsters so use him as your method to get your power houses on the field.

Gaia Soul is going to be your low star power house. It already starts with a massive 2000 ATK for being a 4 star and his effect makes him a real monster. By tributing up to 2 Fire monsters he gains 1000 more attack for each until the End phase. So he can potentially have 4000 ATK points in one turn. And what's even more helpful is he inflicts piercing damage on defense monsters. So even if a monster is in defense and he attacks battle damage is still received.