Gate Guardian Deck

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Gate Guardian Themed Deck (non good for competitive use, more or less for fun if you feel like building a Gate Guardian Deck like i did.)

Main Deck

Guardian of the Throne Room Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Card
3 4R

Guardian of the Throne Room

Sword of Deep-Seated Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Card
1 N

Sword of Deep-Seated


Not a good deck for competative usage but a fun themed deck.

Aresenal Summoner - Used to draw 'Gate Guardian' and 'Guardian of the Throne Room'.

Tribute Doll - Allows you to summon the third of 'Suijin', 'Kazejin', or 'Sanga of the Thunder', without having to use 2 monsters to summon as you will only have 1 slot available.

Staunch Defender - When activated your opponent can only attack a designated target, this helps when your opponent may be trying to target your monsters used for special summoning your higher stared monsters.

Overwhelm - Used to destroy the activation of Trap Cards and Monster Effects that could be targeting your higher stared monsters.