Heart of the Cards revamped

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Use this deck with Yami Yugi and the   Destiny Draw skill.

Revamped Heart of the cards deck. - Yami Yugi

March 9th deck

Main Deck

Gravekeeper’s Spear Soldier Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Card
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Gravekeeper’s Spear Soldier

Extra Deck

Aligator’s Sword Dragon Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Card
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Aligator’s Sword Dragon


This deck is a hybrid for GK users and Dark magician lovers. This deck does not rely on a field boost though it will help but is definitely not needed. With the defensive maneuvers such as kuriboh, half shut, 2x mirror walls, soul exchange, enemy controller, etc. getting monsters onto the field or regaining field advantage is not difficult.

One of the main combos you may notice in the deck is the Dark Magician combo. With legion the fiend jester you can easily get dark magician girl onto the field in one turn leading into sage stone Dark Magician. Dark Magic attack is used to clear the field of all spell and traps, this INCLUDES FIELD SPELLS. I had taken it out for straight flush to increase usage rate but the one thing straight flush lacks is taking out field spells. So Dark Magic is the closest thing you will get to nuking the back row. This is to combat Daedulus users and dino beaters.

Caligo Bird is good to use if you want to summon Dark Magician in one turn by summoning legion the fiend jester with caligo bird into Dark Magician even though you will miss out on having both Dark Magician Girl and Dark Magician on the field at the same time.

One of my favorite combos which I know you will love is the oracle diffusion wave motion combo. Originally I had 2 Oracles but I took out one for another Dark Magican Girl. It is up to you if you want 2 dark magician girls or 2 Oracles. They both work beautiful. With the oracle you can easily bring one out or a gravekeeper with magicians circle to tribute it for another oracle to activate his effect. Decrease all opponent's monsters by 2000 atk and def. Activate diffusion wave motion you can attack all your opponent's monsters on the field using Oracle and the best part is. They cannot activate their effects due to diffusion wave motion. Their abilities are NEGATED!!!

So how do we combat Daed users if we dont have Dark Magician on the field. Thats the beauty of this deck. You always have a backup plan. You dont rely on one offensive or defensive strategy to win games. You actually need to plan ahead and use your BRAIN. One concept is if they use big wave small wave. You can use enemy controller to bring their monster to your side of the field. So you bypass it for a turn and they waste the card. Another one is to let them nuke the field activate kuriboh. Or better yet let him attack you difrectly and destiny draw for a game changer like soul exchange his daed into your Dark Magican girl.

But we just took 2600 damage for one card? Yes but you get to pick your next card without changing the order of your deck. So you get to see your next cards and plan ahead. Hence this is why supremacy berry is in the deck. If your LP is lower than your opponents even by 1 LP. You get to regain 2000 LP!!! So another free Destiny Draw. I originally had nutrient Z but it can more commonly be negated with trap jammer so berry is more of a guarantee and safer bet.

For dino users you want to be smart because out powering them is going to end bad for you. A duel is not won on brute strength but wits. And that is what this deck tries to utilize. Once you neutralize their field spell most dino decks tend to fall apart because their main bane is gone. So be smart and you will prevail. Hence the 4 star bugged will help netralize the field for you as long as it does not run into elementasaurus.

Weevil decks are starting to be on the rise as well with that annoying skill. Parastic paracide. If they tend to use jade insect whistle 4* Lady bug can give you a cushion by allowing you to choose her instead of the paracite that will drain your LP. As facing dino decks or all decks in general just be smart when playing and tactical. This deck is not made to overpower but to exploit weaknesses.

Notable Cards to add: I am currently working on getting Swift Gaia the fierce knight to add to the deck. Still got to see which card i can remove for it. Might add it in with fiend megacyber but I feel it may be 2 much to add both of them but I am definitely adding gaia. Might take out a mirror wall because I do not like having more than one of the same card in a deck but who knows what may happen. Enjoy and leave your feedback.

-Yami Yugi