Macro Monarchs

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Use this deck with Yubel and the   Allured by Darkness skill.

Genuinely fairly competitive, fairs well against many meta/rouge decks. Read deck guide for over-view.

Main Deck

Different Dimension Ground Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Card
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Different Dimension Ground


D.D. assailant - Good card in general. Good to have in your opening hand, also good to top-deck. Interesting monster removal, your opponent usually won't expect it, good for dealing with anti-destruction cards. (silent magician, anything with equip cards, blue-eyes/vampire type cards) Makes hero's a competitive match up, set it and don't switch it to attack unless you summon another one. It REALLY slows them down, gives you a chance to get on with your plays and puts pressure on anki.

Zaborg - Primary method of monster removal, the deck produces plenty of tribute fodder so no issues with getting it out.

D.D. survivor - Main combo with different dimension ground, attack with it to use up your opponents back row whether you can bring it back or not, as it's completely expendable. Plays much better than you'd expect it to - seriously! Also tribute fodder.

D.D. scout plane - Primary tribute fodder. Keep alive using different dimension ground. If you draw it, it is a waste of a normal summon. Use mirror wall or take damage to active your skill allowing you to special summon it and draw two cards. Makes spellbook's a competitive match up as spellbook of fate is useless against it and spellbook magician of prophesy is very weak. Again, works much better than you'd expect if you get it early.

Gold sarcophagus - Banish D.D. scout plane to special summon it from your deck for tributes/swarm the field, and this also means you won't draw into it. Otherwise, D.D. assailant is the only other viable option, as it will play well whatever the state of the field. It is often better to do this anyway, if you're against hero's.

Paleozoic canadia - Solid protection against most decks, also use to tribute for zaborg. It is relatively easy to do this as your other traps can be activated at any time.

Mirror wall - Another solid back-row. Can win you games, and combo's well with the allure of darkness skill to make use of an unwanted D.D. scout plane in your hand.

Different dimension ground - Use to bring back D.D. scout plane and survivor, also super anti-meta. Useful against blue-eyes, vampires, stop's OTK's from anki (as it needs to send monsters to the graveyard to search for another mask change), bujin's - the list goes on. Can be used to banish your opponents monster, a nice combo is to use it before tributing a D.D. survivor/scout plane, as when zaborg summons it will banish whatever it destroy's. (think silent magician) When you activate this card is VERY IMPORTANT, one of the tricks to master with this deck: you want to keep it hidden so if your opponents tried to destroy it and you were going to use it anyway, your opponent has wasted an effect. However, it is very easy to use it too late and give your opponent an advantage they otherwise shouldn't have. (cyberdarks, dragunity, etc.) Reading opponents plays and knowing what they're going to do will make or break how well this card and deck does.

-- How to get rid of ANY monster --

Zaborg, paleozoic canadia, and different dimension ground.

1. Use canadia on target monster

2. After this chain has resolved, activate D.D.G. to special summon the canadia

3. Tribute canadia for zaborg

4. Target monster will be destroy upon zaborg's summon, face down, and banished. (permanently deals with yubel)

DISCLAIMER: this may sound long winded, but you run 3 of each card, and most monsters will ONLY require either a canadia or D.D.G. effect when summoning zaborg. (usually neither, however, and D.D. assailant will often do the job as well) Also, forbidden chalice will stop this, but this card is fairly rare.