Magic the Gathering

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Use this deck with Arkana and the   Master of Magicians skill.

Balanced Dark Magician Deck
Replace D-chian with Kunai with chain (its not in the database)

Main Deck

1 4N

Skilled Dark Magician

1 N

Dark Magic Curtain

1 SR

Champion’s Vigilance


Get Your Magician on the field ASAP! Use Your "Dark Magic Curtain" or "Ancient Rules" to get it on the board.

"Magicians Rod" to draw "Thousand Knives", "Dark Magic Curtain", "Dark Magic Attack".

"Skilled Dark Magician" is a good 4 star 1900 beater but if you could get 3 spell counters on it use its effect to summon Dark Magician.

"Legion The fiend Jester" is to search for "Dark Magician" and/or Summon him.

"Dark Magic Attack" is to clear Back row, "Thousand knives" is to take out any monster in the way.

"Super Rush HeadLong" is to protect any monster you have on the field or to get over tough targets.

"Mirror wall", "Wall Of Disruption" and "Kunai with Chain" is to protect you and your Monsters from attacks.

"Champions Vigilance" just denies anything if you have your DM on the field.


1x Skilled Magician (SR) - Level up Arkana Lv.35

3x Dark Magician (UR) - Unlock Yami Yugi, Unlock Arkana, Farm Yami Yugi or Pick Via UR tickets

2x Magician Rod (SR) - Level up Arkana Lv.23 & 38

2x Legion of the fiend Jesters (SR) - Mini Box "Flame of the Tyrant"

1x Dark Magic Attack (SR) - Level Up Yami Yugi

1x Thousand Knives (R) - Level Up Yami Yugi, Farm Akrana, Pick From R tickets

1x Dark Magic Curtain (R) Level Up Arkana Lv.40

3x Super Rush Headlong (SR) - Mini box "Dawn of Destiny"

2x Ancient Rules (R) - Level Up Mukoba Lv.23 & 35

1x Mirror Wall (UR) - Main Box "Neo-Impact"

1x Wall of Disruption (SR) - Mini Box "Servant Of Kings"

1x Champions Vigilance (SR) - Farm Kiaba or Pick from SR ticket

1x Kunai with Chain (UR) - "Selection Box Vol.1"


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