Red-Eyes of Gandora

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Use this deck with Mokuba Kaiba and the   Monstermorph: Evolution skill.

This deck allows you to defy Gandora the Dragon of Destruction's effect of destroying itself, and instead infinitely gain ATK

Main Deck

Gandora the Dragon of Destruction Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Card
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Gandora the Dragon of Destruction

Radiant Mirror Force Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Card
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Radiant Mirror Force


This deck utilizes Mokuba Kaiba's ability, Monstermorph Evolution, to summon Gandora the Dragon of Destruction. To properly use this deck, you must use the field spell Mausoleum of The Emporer (which is not included in this website for some reason) to summon Red-Eyes Black Dragon. The Effect of Mausoleum will cost you 2,000 Life Points. Once you summon your Red-Eyes, you will have lost enough Life points by tge effect of Mausoleum to use your ability to summon Gandora. One of Gandora's effects includes destroying the card after the turn in which it is summoned, however, this effect will not be executed if it is summoned by the effect of your skill. Once Gandora is summoned, you can use its effect to destroy every card on the field and give up half of your Life Points. This will all be worthwhile, because Gandora will gain 300 ATK for each monster destroyed by this effect. Because this monster will not be destroyed by its effect, you can continue destroying your opponents monsters and gaining ATK for the rest of the duel, provided you use cards like enemy controller or Paleozoic Canadia to defend it. Also, have several 4-star or lower mosters with high ATK, such as Gemini Elf or Bujin Mikazuchi.