Spirit Ryu

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Use this deck with the   Restart skill.

Spirit Ryu is the key to this deck do to its ability to out smart the opponent. His effect is the soul purpose of this decks effectiveness.

Main Deck

Cu Chulainn the Awakened Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Card
1 4R

Cu Chulainn the Awakened

Murmur of the Forest Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Card
1 R

Murmur of the Forest

Secret Pass to the Treasure Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Card
1 N

Secret Pass to the Treasure

Emblem of the Awakening Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Card
1 N

Emblem of the Awakening

Extra Deck


The main monster in this deck is obviously Spirit Ryu. His effect is going to be a trick effect against the A.I and give you a great stall strategy. Because of Spirit Ryu's effect the A.I assumes that if you have at least 1 card in your hand it'll be a dragon type for Spirit Ryu's 1000 ATK boost. So it will not attack Spirit Ryu with anything other than monsters over 2000 ATK.

So with that in mind you can keep playing Spirit Ryu down as defense to stall against any weak monster they play. Along with Enchanted Javelin you'll be able to disable many of your opponents attacks. Once you've drawn your ritual monster you should be able to get him out quickly. At the same time with all the Spirit Ryu's you have in your deck you'll be able to get Ryu Senshi out on the field fairly easy.