Weevil Stall/Burn

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Use this deck with Weevil Underwood and the   Parasite Infection skill.

Very aggravating hehehe

Ign RescueWabbit    KOG with this deck

Main Deck


This deck revolves around mask of the accursed and searching it out/recycling it if needed with vylon ohm. Merchant allows you to thin your deck out who get your jade insect whistle. Jade insect whistle gets your opponent to ideally grab a parasite paracide from their deck from your skill and making them lose a draw phase, while the masks lock down 1-2 of the monster positions of your opponent a parasite paracide will take up another. Gyaku panda deals piercing damage which is perfect combined with the parasite dealing up to 2000 damage. If your opponent tries to tribute a parasite, then blast held by a tribute is very effective. The rest is stall if your have more big shield gardna then great I don't so I use cocoon and cobra jar to stall.