Echoes of Silence Top 10 Cards

Echoes of Silence Top 10 Cards

Echoes of Silence

Echoes of Silence is a Mini Box in Duel Links. It has a wide variety of cards that give a little bit to everyone and doesn’t focus too much on one type of card.

This list will go over ten of the best cards in this box. They are in no particular order and are based on their ability used on their own and with other cards.

Silent Magician LV8

This card is the banner card for Echoes of Silence. It is a powerful 8-star monster with 3500 ATK points and a pretty powerful effect.

Silent Magician LV8 is completely unaffected by opponent spell cards. So that makes it immune to any Spell that may try to destroy it or remove it from the field.

It is a bit of a pain to get out onto the field. But if you have Level Up! to use on Silent Magician LV4 it makes it much easier.

Having a monster with this high of an ATK and removing the ability to use Spells on it is a huge tactic. Out of the Lv monsters, this is probably one of the best.

Spear Dragon

Spear Dragon is a very good Dragon-type card and should be included in any Dragon deck. It has 1900 ATK and its effect is a great offense/defense setup.

When this card attacks a defense position monster it inflicts Piercing damage. Dealing the difference between its ATK and the DEF as direct damage.

Then at the end of the turn, if this monster attacks it goes into DEF mode. So it immediately gives you a defense at the end of your turn.

This is a great card to use with spells that increase ATK and DEF. Being able to do heavy Piercing damage then move into DEF and stay on the field through attacks is a really good tactic for it.

Castle Walls is a great card to boost its defense.


A very simple and basic card with a very good effect. Greenkappa is a setup card that you throw down in face-down defense to lure attacks.

When it is flipped you can target and destroy two Spell or Trap cards on the field. This opens up a lot of doors depending on what you use it for.

You can clear your opponent’s spell/trap zone if they have set cards. Or if you have any spells or traps that activate when they’re destroyed on the field this is a great trigger for that.

Cards that forcibly flip monsters are great with this one as well. Setting the monster then using a spell or trap to immediately flip it.

Emergency Provisions

Emergency Provisions is a utility Spell card that is helpful in a pinch. It’s a Quick-Effect so it can be played when Set on the field like a trap card.

It lets you gain up to 2000 Life points if you have two other Spell/Trap cards Set on the field. You can destroy them in exchange for life points.

This is one of those Spells you use when you’re low on life points and near a loss. It is an immediate life saver giving you some breathing room and an extra leg to stand on.

Limit Reverse

This Trap card is good for getting monsters onto your field from the graveyard. It lets you special summon any monster with 1000 ATK or less in Attack Position.

If it is switched to Defense it is immediately destroyed. Same for if this trap leaves the field the monster goes with it.

Now, just point blank Yubel is the best card combo with Limit Reverse. You can summon Yubel to get her on the field and let her effect destroy her at the end of the turn.

Then use Limit Reverse to special summon Yubel. After that let the trap card get destroyed in some way or just move Yubel into defense position and her effect to summon the next card in her transformation triggers.

Alchemist of Black Spells

There are a lot of cards that rely on Spell Counters for their effects. And this card is the perfect utility for any of them out there.

Once per turn, you can change this monsters position on the field and by doing so place 1 Spell Counter on any card that can use them. Having 1 spell counter per turn works well in a lot of combos.

Big Core Is a very good card combo with this.

Level Up!

Level Up! serves one purpose and it is to support Lv monsters. When you use it you can immediately “Level Up” any Lv monster you have on the field.

This goes very well with Silent Magician Lv4 which is also released in this mini box. As well as the Ultimate Insect cards.


Another specific combo card. This card is designed to be used alongside Dark Blade and is a really good Union monster.

It’s a 5-star so getting it on the field is the first goal. Once it’s out you can equip it to Dark Blade giving it 900 extra ATK points. That by itself is a huge bonus to an already powerful monster with 1800 ATK points.

Then you can tribute this card to let Dark Blade attack your opponent directly for that turn. That’s getting a free 1800 chunk out of their life points. It’s a really good card duo.

Unified Front

A very good trap card especially if you run a deck with high and low-level monsters. When activated you can discard one monster then target 1 face-up monster on the field.

Its ATK and DEF becomes the discarded monster’s ATK and DEF until the end of the turn. Any monster you control can’t attack directly the turn you use this.

So this is a great trap for warding off attacks. If you have a weak monster out and your opponent attacks you can trigger this to boost your monsters attack and negate theirs.

It’s also great if you can’t get a specific stronger monster out. Use this to buff one and clear your opponent’s field by destroying their monsters.

Vortex Trooper

This card is a good little utility monster. When it’s Normal Summon you can shuffle 2 cards in your hand to the deck then draw 2 cards.

When it is destroyed you draw 1 card. It’s very good at letting you replace two cards you don’t need for two new ones.

And then getting an extra card when it is destroyed. It helps with building up your hand by getting your strategy cards out faster.

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