Empire of Scarlet Top 10 Cards

Empire of Scarlet Top 10 Cards

Empire of Scarlet

Empire of Scarlet is the 13th Mini-Box of Duel Links. It focuses primarily on Zombie monsters, specifically from the Vampire archetype. It also introduces the Inzektor cards which are a great DARK/Insect monster archetype.

Vampire Scarlet Scourge

Vampire Scarlet Scourge is the banner card for this Mini-Box and is one of the better Vampire archetypes. In power alone it’s a strong card having 2200 ATK with a 6-star summon rate which only costs 1 tribute.

Its effect is what makes it truly devastating though. Its first effect allows it to special summon Vampire monster from your graveyard by paying 1000 LP.

But its second effect lets it special summon any monster it destroys in the battle phase that turn, at the end of your turn. That essentially means you can fill up your field in one turn with the effect of this card.

Vampire Scarlet Scourge is a heavy utility monster that makes it easy to build up your offensive or defensive strategy. Like most Zombie or Vampire cards, they’re built to get your field full of monsters and quickly.

Inzektor Centipede

One of the Inzektor monsters in this mini-box, Inzektor Centipede is a 3-star with a high 1600 ATK value. His effect is directly tied into the Inzektor archetype and requires other monsters to be useful.

He can equip any Inzektor monster from your hand or graveyard. When an equip card is sent to the graveyard while equipped to him you can add one Inzektor monster from your deck to your hand.

Inzektor Centipede is used to get your powerful Inzektor monsters to your hand and fast. It’s a great method to use his effect then play a card that can destroy the equip card.

He’s great for opening strategies with Inzektor cards and getting your good ones to your hand. Great Inzektor utility.

Vampire Takeover

Vampire Takeover is probably one of the best Vampire cards you can get. If you have nothing in your Field zone you can use this to instantly activate the Vampire Kingdom directly from your deck.

Then as a bonus, you can special summon one DARK Vampire card from your graveyard in defense position. If used right this can open up into some powerful combos.

Get your strongest Vampire cards sent into the graveyard with effects that make you discard from your hand. Then use Vampire Takeover to get your Vampire Field spell and your strong Vampire monster on the field all in the same turn.

You can really set up some heavy duty combos with the Vampires. And this trap card really adds some crazy support to it.

Vampire Retainer

Vampire Retainer is a 2-star monster with 1200 ATK is a great Vampire utility monster. It’s a monster with two different effects and each is great for the Vampire archetype.

His first effect is if he is Special Summoned you can pay 500 LP to add 1 Vampire Spell/Trap from your Deck to your hand. This lets you get Vampire Takeover right to your hand then you can get any Vampire in your graveyard on the field as well as the Vampire Kingdom card.

His second effect, If this card is in your GY you can send 1 Vampire card from your hand or field to the GY. Special Summon this card but banish it when it leaves the field.

So taking it back to Vampire Takeover. With  Vampire Retainers you can use him to get Vampire Takeover to your hand, then let him be destroyed and use his GY effect to send one of your powerful Vampire cards from your hand to the grave.

Then reap the benefits of Vampire Takeover by summoning that powerful Vampire along the with Vampire Kingdom.

Hammer Bounzer

Hammer Bounzer is a powerful card at 2300 ATK and 2000 DEF. But what makes him so good is the double effect that allows him to be used to easily.

If you control no cards but your opponent does, you can Normal summon him with no tribute. And when he attacks, as long as you have no spell/trap cards your opponent can’t activate any of theirs until the end of the Damage Step.

So you’re essentially looking at a powerful 6-star monster that can be normal summoned with ease and is immune to spell/trap effects during the battle phase. For his ATK value and effect, he’s a rather impressive monster to have in any deck.

Vampire Kingdom

The Vampire field card that is essential for any Vampire deck. It gives a 500 point ATK boost to all Zombie monsters but only during damage calculation.

Once per turn, when a card is sent from your opponent’s Deck to the Graveyard target 1 card on the field and send 1 DARK Vampire monster from your hand or Deck to the Graveyard, and if you do, destroy that target. That effect is very powerful in making it easy to keep your opponents field from having anything too strong.

But what’s even better is that Vampire cards have a theme of returning to the field from the graveyard with their effects. So chances are, any Vampire monster you choose to send to the graveyard will be back on the field by next turn.

This lets you keep your monsters out and also gives you more uses of Vampire Kingdoms effect. It’s a must-have card for any Vampire deck.

Blade Bounzer

Blade Bounzer is a powerful 4-star monster with 1800 ATK and a very useful effect. Once per turn if this card attacks and your opponent controls a monster at the end of the Damage Step you can discard 1 card then this card can attack an opponent’s monster once again during this Battle Phase.

So if your opponent has more than one monster out, Blade Bounzer gets two attacks if you discard a card. This effect makes him a great card for field control.

Especially if you boost him with an equip card like Black Pendant. Giving him just small ATK boost to push him over the 2000 mark, it’d make him a real force to be feared.

Flash of the Forbidden Spell

So here is a spell card that is a little situational but very useful for its purpose. When all of your opponents Monster Card Zones are full, you can activate this card to destroy all their monsters.

It is a great field wipe card but requires your opponent’s field being full. So you can let them fill up their monster field to its limit then tear down their forces with this one spell card.

Vampire’s Domain

Another must-have card for any Vampire deck, Vampire’s Domain is an amazing utility for the archetype. By paying 500 LP, once per turn, you can normal summon 1 Vampire monster in addition to your first normal summon/set.

This gives you two monsters to summon every turn as long as you pay the 500 LP and have Vampires to summon. And to add to the utility of the card, each time a Vampire monster inflicts battle damage, you gain the same amount to your LP.

This is one of the better Vampire spell cards out there and makes them extremely powerful because of how many you can get out so easily. It’s a definite staple for any Vampire deck.

Zaborg the Thunder Monarch

One of the Monarch cards, Zaborg the Thunder Monarch is a 6-star monster with 2400 ATK. He requires 1 tribute to summon and he’s a strong monster for any deck.

His effect just adds to his usefulness allowing him to destroy 1 monster on the field when he is tribute summoned. SO he’s a great card to play when your opponent has a powerful monster and you’re playing defense.

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