Farming Lvl 40 Kaiba Guide

Farming Lvl 40 Kaiba Guide


Hey there ladies and gents. If you came to find out how to crack Level 40 Kaiba, you’ve come to the right place. Kaiba is notoriously hard to farm since he uses nasty cards like Enemy Controller and D. D. Warrior. Luckily for us, there are a couple of decks that can pump out 7000-8000 assessment points with decent consistency. Let’s get into it:

Cards to watch out for:

  • Vorse Raider(x3): Has the highest attack of 4 star normal monsters at 1900.
  • Enemy Controller(x2): The only reason you’re even farming this guy
  • D. D. Warrior(x3): Can ram into your monsters to banish them.

Destiny Counterblow:

If you farmed Bakura during the Destiny Board event, you may have used a variant of this deck. The general concept is the same: the main goal is to survive and outlast Kaiba’s slew of monsters, using Destiny Draw to nab what you need.

There’s no pressure to draw a Gravedigger’s Ghoul now, so we can focus all our effort on getting out Dest Counterblow and turtling

Skill: Destiny Draw

Core Cards:

  • Des Counterblow(x3):
    • Destroys anything that attacks directly.
    • Surprisingly, Kaiba never uses Twister on it, so we’re in the clear.
  • The Golden Apples(as many as you have):
    • Turns Kaiba’s brute force against him.
    • Easily stonewall Kaiba until he tributes something stronger.
    • Curiously, the AI is not coded to use D. D. warrior against 1 star tokens
  • Nutrient Z(x3):
    • Specifically to defend against Luster Dragon #2, BEWD, and Vorse Raiders (see next)
  • Forest(x1):
    • Field spell we use to boost Vorse Raiders to just over 2000 ATK. This may seem counter-intuitive, but now we can use Nutrient Z against five of Kaiba’s monsters as opposed to two.
  • Reload(x1)
    • Extra insurance to increase the odds of starting with a Des Counterblow
  • A cat of ill omen(x1)
    • Same as above, you really want to get Des Counterblow up early.


No Riryoku Fields are needed, as Kaiba’s AI will not see Vassal’s buffed attack as lethal damage and allow you to attack for free. So long, Enemy Controller.

After you reveal Des Counterblow, Kaiba will leave one monster alive at all times, suiciding the rest into your LP. This will continue until he can KO you in that turn with his remaining monsters. Knowing this, you can choose to hold your healing traps until he tries to KO you with his last monster, clearing his field.

Kaiba might surprise you with Cost Down, whether it be summoning Luster Dragon without tributing, BEWD with only 1 tribute, or in rare cases, double Cost Down to get out BEWD without tributes.

Hitting Over 9999:

  • Union Attack(x2*)
    • Lumps all the ATK of your monsters to one, with the caveat that you can’t deal Battle Damage
  • Gravekeeper’s Vassal
    • Converts Battle Damage to Effect Damage, comboing with Union Attack for the KO, as well as a sweet extra 1000 points by winning via Effect Damage only.
  • Summoner of Illusions
    • Set this guy on your 2nd to last turn.
    • Kaiba is coded not to attack when you only have 1 card left in your deck, so there’s no need to defend it
  • Caligo Claw Crow
    • Before flipping Summoner of Illusions, summon Vassal, then special summon Crow to use as the tribute
    • May not be necessary if you still have a Golden Apple token alive

* For those with only 1 Union Attack, use Spell Reclamation.

If doing so, be sure to set Spell Reclamation on your 2nd to last turn, as well as have one free Spell/Trap slot: Des Counterblow, Spell Reclamation, __________.

Also be sure to have a card ready to discard that is nonessential to the death combo, such as an extra Enchanted Javelin or Supremacy Berry.

Angel 07

Focuses on tributing Angels ASAP with some defense on the side.

Skill: Switcheroo

Core Cards:

  • Angel 07(x2)
    • Unaffected by D. D. Warrior
    • Can beat all of Kaiba’s monsters but BEWD
  • Bubonic Vermin(x3)
    • Thins the deck, increasing the odds of drawing what you need
    • Can flip summon to provide 2 tributes for an Angel
  • Cost Down
    • Lets you summon Angel with only 1 tribute

Hitting Over 9999:

Same deal as before. Vassal with 2 Union Attacks (or 1 + Spell Reclamation) on two Angel 07’s will top off over 9999. Use Secret Pass to the Treasures to attack directly.

If opting for only 1 Union Attack, be sure to set Spell Reclamation on your 2nd to last turn, as well as leaving one Spell/Trap slot open so as not to lock up your backline.


If you have any Sphere Kuribohs or Enemy Controllers of your own, you can substitute a Riryoku Field for a more versatile defense.

If your LP is low enough, Kaiba may use Enemy Controller offensively, tributing his own monster to take control of yours in order to get the KO. However, he can only do this if you monster is face-up. Don’t be afraid to use your Switcheroo’s to get a Riryoku Field early.

Kaiba only has 2 Enemy Controllers. Once those are down, your biggest threat is BEWD, which is covered by Blast or any Kuribohs / Enemy Controllers if you have them.


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