Galactic Origin Top 5 Cards.

Galactic Origin Top 5 Cards.


Galactic Origin

Galactic Origin is the 8th Full Box in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links. The cards it contains focus highly on Gladiator Beasts, Elemental HERO’s and Neo-Spacians.

Aside from the Archetypes, there are a wide variety of different Attributes focused on in Galactic Origin. In this guide, we’re going to go over the top 5 cards from this box and their usefulness on their own and with other cards.

Berserk Dragon

Berserk Dragon is a high-level monster with a very high attack value. With 3500 ATK he has some of the highest attacks on monster cards.

His high attack is one reason this card is very good but it’s also a massive drawback depending on how he’s used. With his effect, he can only be special summoned with the card A Deal With Dark Ruler.

His secondary effect allows him to attack every monster on your opponents field once per turn. So if they have a field full of monsters, Berserk Dragon can attack each one of them one by one.

That drawback mentioned earlier is his third effect, losing 500 ATK points at the end phase of every one of your turns. So at first, it’s not a major issue if you’re able to take down your opponent in 1-2 turns.

But after reaching around 5 turns he’s going to become rather weak. A good method to use with Berserk Dragon is simply using equip cards that buy you more turns on his attack.

Any good equip card that gives 500-1000 ATK points. That’s all you need buying him a couple of turns to deal major damage because chances are if you get him out you won’t need to have him out for long before the match is over.

Elemental HERO Woodsman

Elemental HERO Woodsman is a great utility card for the Elemental HERO Archetype. He’s a good defensive card with 2000 DEF points making him a good wall card for stalling.

Woodsman has an effect that is highly effective with Elemental HERO cards but also any cards that depend on fusions. Once per turn, you can add 1 Polymerization card from your deck or graveyard to your hand.

Being able to do this gets you the spell card for fusions very easily. So if you’re running Elemental HERO’s or a fusion deck this a must-have card.

UFOroid Fighter

Speaking of fusions in the last card, UFOroid Fighter is a great fusion card. It’s a fusion of the cards [Card]UFOroid[/card] and any Warrior-type monster.

At first glance, UFOroid Fighter has no attack or defense points. His effect merges the ATK and DEF of the two card used in the fusion to make him.

This is where the strategy comes in with UFOroid. He can become a powerhouse monster if made correctly with the right monsters.

UFOroid has 1200 ATK and DEF giving a baseline of what you can build off of. All you need now is a Warrior monster with a high attack or defense depending on whether you want to use this card Offensively or Defensively.

A great option for this fusion is a card like Gilford the lightning. Having the high attack of 3000 ATK would give UFOroid Fighter a total of 4200 ATK.

Any Warrior with a good ATK or DEF value will work for this fusion and make a great powerhouse monster or a wall. It all determines what your play style is and what you’re going for, but the usability of UFOroid Fighter is what makes him so good.

Into the Void

Into the Void is a double-edged sword kind of spell card. The effect in this card lets you draw 1 card if you have 3 or more cards in your hand.

But during the end phase of the turn, you have to discard your entire hand. On its own, this card is not very good for the 1 card to discard hand trade.

However, this card is not on this list to be used on its own. This is a great utility card for two different deck Archetypes, Dark World and Lightsworn.

The Dark World and Lightsworn archetypes focus around discarding cards into the graveyard to activate different effects. Into the Void easily gets the graveyard filled up depending on how many cards are in your hand.

If you let your hand stock up then use Into the Void you can get a nice chunk of cards there. Once used you can build into strategies for either archetype depending on the deck you’re running.

Bottomless Shifting Sand

Bottomless Shifting Sand is a great trap card and one of the best in Galactic Origin. At the end of your opponent’s turn, this card destroys the monster with the highest ATK on the field.

If you have 4 or fewer cards in your hand then this card is destroyed. So it’s a bit of a heavy card depending on how it’s used but if set up right it can give you complete control of the field.

By having Bottomless Shifting Sand in play you control what the strongest monster on the field is. Whether it’s on your side field or your opponents, the highest ATK monster will be destroyed.

So you can use Bottomless Shifting Sand to keep your opponent from playing anything too terribly strong. It is a great trap card for stall decks that base around winning by drawing out.

Just play Bottomless Shifting Sand and a high DEF monster. Then from there just keep drawing and let Bottomless Shifting sand do the rest of the work.

Any monster your opponent plays will be destroyed while your defense monster protects you from losing any life points. Some turns later, you’ve got the win.

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