Generation Next Top 10 Cards

Generation Next Top 10 Cards

Generation Next

Generation Next is the 13th Main Box released in Duel Links. This card has a wide variety of support cards for Dragons and Fusion monsters.

As well as some rare cards like Arcana Knight Joker and De-Fusion. It’s a great deck for anyone who runs the three knight cards needed for Arcana Knight Joker as well as any heavy fusion users.

This list will go over ten of the best cards in the pack. These cards are in no particular order and are judged their effectiveness on their own and in card combos.

Arcana Knight Joker

This is a powerful fusion monster that requires three different cards to summon. It is the fusion of King’s Knight, Queen’s Knight, and Jack’s Knight.

Requiring three monsters is a sure sign that this Fusion is a powerhouse. In its attack points alone it has a high value of 3800.

And its effect makes it even more powerful. If this card is targeted by a Spell, Trap, or Monster effect you can discard a card of the same type to completely negate it.

Five-Headed Dragon

Another powerful Fusion monster that is great for any deck that heavily uses Dragon monsters. It requires five different Dragons as Fusion material.

It has the high attack value of 5000 making it outclass almost every card in the game from its attack. But it’s effect makes it very difficult to get off the field.

This card cannot be destroyed by monsters who are any of the elemental Attributes except LIGHT. It’s completely immune to being destroyed by any monsters except LIGHT monsters.

Spell and Trap cards still work on it, however. So it’s a good idea to set your deck up with some good Spell/Trap counters to keep this card on the field.

Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8

The third level form in the Horus LV. monster line. This card is the most powerful in both ATK and effect and getting it on the field isn’t that difficult.

It can only be special summoned by meeting the criteria of Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6 or using Level Up!.

This card has a high ATK of 3000 points and with its effect Spell cards are useless. When either player uses a Spell card you can negate that card and destroy it.

King of the Swamp

Now, this is a great Fusion utility monster. It’s nothing special in terms of ATK and DEF but that isn’t why this card exists.

This card can be used as a substitute for any 1 Fusion Material Monster during a fusion. So if you’re trying to fuse Arcana Knight Joker but you only have two out of the three materials than this card can take the third slot.

And this works with any Fusion card in the game. It is an essential card to have in any Fusion deck.

Nobleman-Eater Bug

A very simple and relatively weak monster. But it’s one of the best utility cards in the game because of it’s effect which most everyone knows.

When this monster is Flipped from face-down Defense position it’s effect activates. It then destroys 2 monsters on the field.

This card is great for field clearing especially if you have more than one of them. But be careful you have to destroy 2 monsters when it is flipped so if your opponent only has one but you have another as well you may end up destroying one of yours by mistake.


Another good utility card for Fusion monsters. Though, this one can be used for several different purposes depending on your strategy.

De-Fusion allows you to target 1 Fusion monster and return it to the Extra Deck. Then special summon all the material monsters used to the field.

This is a great card to use if you need to get rid of a powerful Fusion your opponent summoned. Or you could use it as a Quick-Play spell and split one of your own Fusions removing an attack target and filling your field with the material monsters as a defense.

Damage = Reptile

Now, this card is specifically for those running Reptile decks. This is a great Trap card that is meant to help you build up your field.

When a battle involving a Reptile Monster occurs, you can activate this card. You can then special summon 1 Reptile Monster with ATK less than or equal to the battle damage taken.

So if played the right way you could use a weak Reptile monster to take heavy damage in order to get a powerful monster on the field. Or a bunch of weaker ones for you to summon a powerful monster from your hand.

Magical Something

This is a great card for spell heavy decks, especially those using a lot of Quick-Play cards. It has a high base ATK of 1800 making it a good low-level monster as well.

Its effect allows you to place 1 Spell Counter on this card each time a Spell Card is activated. This card’s level is increased by the number of Spell Counters on this card.

You can then remove 3 Spell Counters from this card and target 1 Quick-Play Spell Card in your Graveyard; Set that card to your Spell & Trap Zone.

This effect can be used once per turn and is such a great way to get back a spell you’ve used for a second run.

Floodgate Trap Hole

This is a very simple trap card that is great for stalling and getting a defense set-up. When a monster is summoned by your opponent you can change that monster to Face-Down Defense Position.

Once it’s done, that monster cannot change its battle position. Most trap hole cards are designed to destroy or remove monsters when they’re summoned but this one acts more like a stall mechanic.

It’s helpful when your opponent summons a powerful monster and you have nothing to defend against it at the moment.

Tribe-Shocking Virus

Now, this card is a bit of a hidden gem in the Generation Next box. It’s a monster with 1700 ATK points making it a pretty decent low-level but its effect is what makes to so good.

Once per turn, you can banish 1 monster from your hand then destroy all monsters on the field that are the same type as the monster you banished. This is such a great effect for two reasons.

The first is that this card is a Thunder-Monster and there is not a lot of those used in many decks so it’s easy to keep this card from destroying itself with its own effect. The second, aside from the obvious field control aspect, is that if you have cards that summon monsters that are removed from the game you’re just setting up an armory of monsters for you to utilize.

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