Harpie’s Guide to King of Games

Harpie’s Guide to King of Games


Harpie’s Hunting Ground based Decks got a lot of support from the release of Wonders of The Sky Mini Box and currently dominate the top of the ranked ladder and can provide you a shortcut on your road to King of Games. In this guide you will learn more about the Deck composition and its variations, how to build it and some tips for your ranked duels.


Mai is one of the playable characters that is able to get several unique skills. Harpie’s Hunting Ground is considered a tier 1 skill in the current meta due to its capability to destroy enemy’s Field Spell, Relinquished’s equipped monsters or any card on the Spell/Trap zone. Also, it gives 200 ATK and DEF bonus to all Winged Beast-Type monsters on the field.

In order to have a chance to get her drop skills, you need to use Mai to duel against level 30 or level 40 Legendary Duelists.


Mai’s duel reward cards and level up reward cards make it possible to build a Harpie-themed deck. You will find many variations of this deck and must choose one that most fits your play style and the cards you have. First we will talk about the core cards you need to build this deck and how to get them.

Harpie Lady

Harpie Lady has low status, it gets to only 1500 ATK and 1600 DEF with your Field Spell active, but its one of the primary monsters in your Harpie’s Hunting Ground Deck. You get one Harpie Lady from Mai’s Starter Deck and can get more by farming her at level 30 or level 40.

This card is required to use the Field Spell effect that allows you to destroy a Spell or Trap card in the field and, in some of the deck variations, is necessary to Special Summon the Harpie Lady Sisters through the effect of Elegant Egotist.

So, why the vanilla version instead of the effect Harpies? The main answer is Order to Charge.

Order to Charge

One of the best Spell Cards available at Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links current card pool. It’s a Super Rare card from The Ultimate Rising Pack and its effect require you to tribute a Normal Monster on your side of the field in order to destroy one monster on your opponent’s side of the field.

Since it is a Quick Spell card, you can you use it to answer your opponent’s plays and negate some of them. For example, if one of your Normal Monsters is about to be destroyed by a card effect, you can chain Order to Chage

Sonic Duck

This card significantly boosted Harpie’s based decks. Before its release, only Rex’s Dinos were able to achieve 1900 ATK with the Field Spell bonus. Since it is a level 3 Normal Monster, Sonic Duck takes advantage of the use of Order to Charge and counters the effect of 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom, that was being used in almost any competitive deck at the time that Wonders of The Sky Mini Box was released.


Birdface has decent stats (1800 ATK and 1800 DEF with Harpie’s Hunting Ground active) and gives Harpies the support needed for a better deck rotation. With its effect, you can add one Harpie Lady from your Deck to your hand when Birdface is sent to the Graveyard as a result of battle. Birdface is also availabe at the Wonders of The Sky Mini Box.


With all the Harpie’s Hunting Ground variations available, you must seek for consistency when ranked matches. For example, you will have a lot of fun with Harpie Lady Sisters, but will also get a lot of dead draws.

Here is one solid Harpie’s Hunting Groud Deck that you can use to reach King of Games. In this case, Harpie Lady #1 is used because of her effect, the 300 ATK bonus will boost the other Wind monster, specially when your Field Spell is destroyed and will help you to go over some beaters.

Adaptability is something that you need to worry about when playing ranked matches. In this example, Possessed Dark Soul is used to get rid of Relinquished, that was dominating the top of the ladder. You must have some anti-meta cards to counter the cards that you are currently facing.

Divine Wrath is mainly used to counter Gravekeeper’s Decks, that are also among the top tier due to its consistency and strong synergy.

There are also some variations of Harpie’s Hunting Ground that use Relinquished or The Atmosphere that may find its space at competitive play with the adition of the Paradox Brothers to the game. These cards can counter the big beaters that the Brothers can Summon using the Three Stars Demote Skill.


Harpie’s Hunting Ground Decks should focus at controlling the field by destroying enemy’s backrow with the Field Spell effect, but you should also be able to play when it get destroyed. It’s important to know your Deck and what you can do in different situations against different opponents. So, you should know wich Decks are currently at the meta and how to counter them.

You should also be able to know how to properly use the Toggle Button and how to predict enemy’s face down cards. This article will help you to improve this point of your game.

Another important point that you should keep in mind when playing Ranked Matches: sometimes you will have a perfect hand and win the game with almost no effort, but this is also possible to your opponent to have all the answers to your plays and completely destroy your game. Try not to tilt, this situations and dead draws exists in every card game and sometimes will ruin your win streak. Keep your head in place, focus in each game individually and do your best in your road to King of Games.


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