How to Farm Level 30/40 Yugi Moto [5/1 – 5/8]

How to Farm Level 30/40 Yugi Moto [5/1 – 5/8]


Hey there, ladies and gents. If you came to see how to farm Duel Link’s latest version of Yugi Moto, you’ve come to the right place. The one card everyone should have their sights set on is Union Attack so we can stop resorting to the poor man’s version of every farming deck.

Some new additions are the ol’ Magnet Warriors whose stats actually aren’t too shabby. As always, Gandora is around for the sweet, sweet playmat.

We’re also in luck that there’s a +1000 assessment point event running at the same time, upping the reward count by a bit and giving us some flexibility with farming. Whatever you’re shooting for, you’ll have to make the most of each run, as unlike Pegasus, Yugi spawns randomly.

So without further ado, lets get into it:

Level 40 Yugi Moto:

With the abundance of nasty cards like Guardian Sphinx and Megarock Dragon, we can’t just brute force through the frontline. There are few ways to ensure Sphinx/Golem don’t have their way with your monsters, so lockdown via Unhappy Girl is the way to go.

Cards to Watch Out For:

  • Sphere Kuriboh (x1)
    • defense/stall card that’s untouchable by conventional means
  • Order to Charge (x2)
    • one of the few cards that straight up kills any monster at any phase
    • sacrifice needs to be face-up and normal, limiting use to the 3 magnet warriors and 3 Giant Soldiers
  • Golem Sentry (x2)
    • Guardian Statue’s older brother
  • Guardian Sphinx (x2)
    • Guardian Statue’s abusive uncle
    • needs a tribute, but sports larger stats and can send your entire frontline back to your hand
  • Megarock Dragon
    • the reason we don’t clear the frontline with beaters
    • removes any number of Rock monsters to gain stats x700 for each
    • can surprise you with a game ending turn

Core Cards:

  • The Unhappy Girl (x3)
    • locks down Yugi’s frontline without destroying it
    • prevents Sphinx/Golem from being Flip Summoned (although they still use their effect to return to Face-down position)
  • Rai-Mei (x3)
    • searches for Unhappy Girl when destroyed in battle
    • thins your deck, ensuring you deck out first
  • Crystal Seer (x2)
    • Skelengel 2.0
    • thins your deck and gives some draw power
  • Riryoku Field (x2)
    • directly counter the two OtC’s
    • if there are no Normal monsters and his frontline is clogged, no need to Set these
  • Abyssal Designator
    • Sphere Kuriboh removal, declare Dark, Fiend

Defense/Stall Cards: Prioritize glossy/prismatics

Piranha Oz:

Win Combo

On your 2nd to last turn, while you have 3 Unhappy Girls, tribute 2 of them for Des Koala.

On your last turn:

  • Summon Piranha Army
  • Fusion Summon Master of Oz
  • Use Gift of the Martyr: Oz -> Piranha
  • Use Secret Pass to the Treasures on Piranha


Fusion Gate can be replaced with a regular Poly, but Gate helps with hand clutter as its a field spell

For those without Secret Pass, could use a combination of Card Rotator and Breath of Light to wipe his frontline on your last turn, allowing for a direct attack

Affordable Vassal Act

This deck aims to be accessible to as many players as possible, featuring mainly free/Normal/Rare cards and no time-locked cards, with the rarest being Shooting Star Bow-Ceal from Neo Impact.

The Fusion beater can be your choice of Master of Oz, Meteor B. Dragon, or B. Skull Dragon.

Win Combo

On your 2nd to last turn,  while you have 3 Unhappy Girls, tribute 2 of them for REBD/Des Koala

On your last turn,

  • Summon Vassal
  • Use Magicians Unite: Vassal ⇒ 3000 ATK
  • Fusion Summon your beater
  • Pop Gift of the Martyr: Vassal ⇒ >6000 ATK
  • Equip Shooting Star Bow to Vassal ⇒ >5000 ATK, attack directly.


Level 30 Yugi Moto:

Cards to Watch Out For:

  • Sphere Kuriboh (x2)
    • there’s a reason its called Sphere Ebola
  • Union Attack (x2)
    • nothing lethal, but could potentially gang up and destroy anything not named Unhappy Girl
  • Guardian Statue (x2)
    • the bane of vanilla Cerberus farm decks


The decks use to farm level 40 Yugi can also be re-purposed for level 30, simply by removing the Riryoku Fields and using 3 Abyssal Designators.

However, for those tired of Unhappy Girl decks or simply don’t have 3 copies of her, here’s an easy to obtain version:

Dinos & BEWD

Core Cards:

  • Rex/ CD2
    • 1900 ATK to steamroll through the frontline
  • Blue-eyes White Dragon (x2)
    • one will be used as a Ritual sacrifice, the other to attack directly
  • Any Ritual Monster with >2000 ATK, including
  • Thunder Dragon (x3)
    • speeds up the farm by thinning the deck
    • Fusion Summon for extra points
  • Abyssal Designator (x3)
    • removes Sphere Kuriboh, declare Dark, Fiend
    • lowers your LP to 1000 for extra points

Win Combo

On your last turn, while you have a BEWD on the field:

  • Fusion Summon Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon
  • Ritual Summon another beater using the 2nd BEWD from your hand
  • Use Gift of the Martyr on either Thunder Dragon or the Ritual beater to BEWD ⇒ >5000 ATK
  • If Yugi set a monster the turn before, use the other beater to destroy it
  • Attack directly with BEWD


Although the spawn rates may be abysmal and the drop rates even more so, the rewards are simply too great to ignore. With these decks, hitting over 8000 points versus the “Rock Hard” Warriors shouldn’t be a problem.

Thanks for reading! Good luck and happy dueling!


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