How to Farm Level 40/50 Pegasus: [Toon World 4/19 – 5/1]

How to Farm Level 40/50 Pegasus: [Toon World 4/19 – 5/1]


Hey there, ladies and gents. If you came to see how to farm Pegasus and nab that Relinquished, you’ve come to the right place. The Toon World event brings plenty of goodies for new and veteran players alike, ranging from free gems to an extra Relinquished copy. To make the most of your star chips before the event is over, you’ll want to consistently hit above 7000 assessment points per run. So without further ado, lets get into it:


Level 40 Pegasus:

As always, the Toon World deck revolves around flooding the field with powerful Toon monsters and attacking directly, bypassing vanilla Cerberus farm decks. Since we can’t just sit by and do nothing, but powerful beaters, Michizure, and Judgement make direct action dangerous, lockdown is our best bet.

Cards to Watch Out For:

  • Big-Tusked Mammoth:
    • your monsters can’t attack the turn they’re summoned
    • if this card is out, make sure to summon Piranha/Vassal on your 2nd to last turn
  • Toon Gemini Elf:
    • if she manages to hit you, the random discard can ruin your farm combo
  • Copycat:
    • the reason we don’t summon our beaters early and start clearing his monsters
    • copying, say, BEWD’s attack + Sorcerous Spell Wall means a bad time
  • Toon Mermaid:
    • Pegasus can Special Summon one or both at once in additional to a normal summon
    • can immediately tribute for Mammoth or Summoned Skull
  • Toon Cannon Soldier:
    • when in doubt, Pegasus will lob his own monsters at you for 500 a pop
    • the reason you usually can’t get the Low LP bonus
  • Judgement of Anubis:
    • punishes you heavily if you attempt to take out Toon World
  • Michizure:
    • can be deadly if you only had 1 monster out

Unhappy Piranha

With this setup, we use Tea’s Holy Guard skill in conjunction with The Unhappy Girl‘s effect, allowing us to ram into Peggy’s monsters with no downsides. This makes them effectively useless, as they can’t attack or change positions, clogging his field and keeping you safe.

Core Cards:

  • The Unhappy Girl (x3)
    • locks down Pegasus’s frontline without destroying it
  • Rai-Mei (x3)
    • searches for Unhappy Girl when destroyed in battle
    • thins your deck, ensuring you deck out before Pegasus
  • Guardian Statue (x3)
    • takes advantage of the fact that Toons cant attack during the turn they’re summoned
    • neutralize troublesome monsters like Mammoth/Summoned Skull

Defense/Stall Cards: Prioritize glossy/prismatics

These cards give you have control of the field, ensuring you survive until it’s time to finish Peggy.

Remainder: Low LP Bonus cards

  • Hieroglyph Lithograph: If you’ve been farming Ishizu without much luck, you usually have a bunch of glossy copies laying around
  • Abyssal Designator: Select a random type/attribute, don’t want to thin Pegasus’s deck

Note: Save these for as long as possible, as Toon Cannon Soldier can sac other monsters (and even itself) for 500 LP at a time.

Piranha Version:

On your last turn (or 2nd to last if mammoth is out):

  • Summon Piranha Army
  • Fusion Summon Master of Oz
  • Use Gift of the Martyr: Oz -> Piranha
  • Use Secret Pass to the Treasures on Piranha

Vassal Variant:

For those without Secret Pass or Master of Oz, this deck is more affordable, using only Rare, Normal, or free cards. Has the added effect of winning with Effect Damage only, an extra 1000 assessment points.

If you have two Union Attacks or one + Spell Reclamation, the process is a bit simpler, but since many don’t have access to Union Attack, there’s a cheaper workaround.

In addition to 3 UG’s / 3 Rai-Meis, we now use:

Core Cards:

As always, continually lock down the frontline with UG.

I use Lithograph because:

  • mine are all glossy from Ishizu farming
  • lowers LP for extra assessment points if you’re safe
  • helps with hand clutter

Note: You may run out of hand space anyway, in which case Set the important farm spells.

On your second to last turn, when you have two UG’s on the field, summon Vassal.

On your last turn:

  1. Use Magicians Unite: Vassal⇒3000 ATK
  2. Tribute the two UG’s for BEWD
  3. Use Cross Attack on Vassal⇒ can now attack directly
  4. Pop Riryoku on BEWD to Vassal⇒ 4500 ATK
  5. Use 1st Gift of the Martyr on BEWD to Vassal⇒ 7500 ATK
  6. Ritual summon using the 2nd BEWD in your hand
  7. Use 2nd Gift of the Martyr: Vassal⇒10000+ATK

Level 50 Pegasus

A new addition to the Toon World event, this deck forgoes Toons in favor of Relinquished, making it that much deadlier.

Cards to Watch Out For:

  • Breaker the Magical Warrior
    • starts with 1900 ATK
    • can drop to 1600 in order to destroy one of your backline
  • Toon Gemini Elf
    • Toon World or not, 1900 ATK with Sorcerous Spell Wall and/or Wonder Wand hurts
    • as always, the hand discard could ruin the farm
  • Magic Drain
    • keep a spell in reserve to counter this
  • Michizure
    • always a pain
  • Eliminating the League
    • potentially game over if you have ex. Leotaur on field + 2 more in hand.
  • Relinquished
    • we all know what he does
    • can potentially be summoned with Djinn; immunity to traps is scary

Core Cards

Defense/Stall Cards: Prioritize glossy/prismatics

As with Level 40 farming, Oz –> Gift –> Piranha is a concise win combo, meaning less dead draws in the early turns of the farm.

On your last turn:

  1. Summon Piranha Army
  2. Fusion Summon Master of Oz
  3. Use Gift of the Martyr: Oz -> Piranha
  4. Use Secret Pass to the Treasures on Piranha

Vassal / Union Attack variants offer more assessment points, but lower consistency.

That being said, all versions are fairly consistent in their own right. 4 million points sounds huge, but averaging 7000-8000 per run makes it no problem at all.

Thanks for reading! Good luck and happy dueling!

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