How to Farm Your Gravekeeper’s Deck

How to Farm Your Gravekeeper’s Deck


Gravekeeper’s cards have a very strong synergy with each other, maybe the strongest in all Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links current available catalog.  In this article you will learn more about the deck composition and the best strategies to farm the Legendary Duelists in order to get the Gravekeeper’s cards you need.

Example Deck

1x Sphere Kuriboh

2x Gravekeeper’s Oracle

2x Gravekeeper’s Chief

3x Gravekeeper’s Priestess

3x Gravekeeper’s Recruiter

1x Possessed Dark Soul

1x Twister

3x Soul Exchange

3x Enemy Controller

1x Windstorm of Etaqua


Sphere Kuriboh

This card works well in any kinds of decks in current card pool. Unfortunately, there is no way to obtain it if you did not get yours from the Ultimate Rising Pack that is currently out of rotation on the store. In this case, you can substitute Sphere Kuriboh for any defensive card.


Gravekeeper’s Oracle

The main goal of this deck is to summon this card and use one (or more) of his effects to give you some board advantage:

  • This card gains ATK equal to the combined Levels that all monsters Tributed for its Tribute Summon had on the field x 100.
  • Destroy all Set monsters your opponent controls.
  • All monsters your opponent currently controls lose 2000 ATK and DEF.

Gravekeeper’s Oracle is a Super Rare Card and can be obtained at the Card Trader for 50,000 Gold, 30x Stone of Dark and 5x SR Jewel


Gravekeeper’s Chief

The effect of this card can Special Summon any gravekeeper’s monster from your graveyard, including the one you used for his Tribute Summon. A very good strategy is to combo Gravekeeper’s Chief with Enemy Controller’s second effect. You can tribute a gravekeeper’s monster on your side of the field to get control of one of your opponent’s monsters, Tribute Summon Gravekeeper’s Chief using the enemy’s monster and Special Summon from your graveyard the gravekeeper’s monster you first used to activate Enemy Controller’s effect with the effect of Gravekeeper’s Chief, giving you a huge card advantage on the field.

Gravekeeper’s Chief is a Super Rare card that you can obtain as a reward from dueling against level 30 or 40 Ishizu Ishtar. One of the most successful farm decks for level 40 Ishizu is the one that uses The Unhappy Girl and Tea’s skill Holy Guard. This deck strategy consists in lockdown Ishizu’s monsters with The Unhappy Girl effect, attacking in your turn and avoiding the damage by the effect of Holy Guard, until you draw the last card from you deck and set up an attack with more than 9999 damage.

To accomplish this, you can use Gravekeeper’s Vassal with Secret Passage to Treasures and some Union Attacks, Cú Chulainn the Awakened tributing Blue-Eyes White Dragon on your graveyard and equipping some Ritual Weapons, Piranha Army or another high damage farm method you are used to.


Gravekeeper’s Priestess

Her stats are not high, Gravekeeper’s Priestess will be the support for your others monsters providing 200 ATK and DEF. She can also be used to stall the game until you get your Gravekeeper’s Oracle.

Gatekeeper’s Priestess is a Super Rare card obtainable as a reward from dueling against level 30 or 40 Ishizu Ishtar.


Gravekeeper’s Recruiter

The key card for your deck consistency. When Gravekeeper’s Recruiter is sent to your Graveyard, add 1 Gravekeeper’s monster with 1500 or less DEF from your Deck to your hand. You will usually search for your Gravekeeper’s Oracle or Gravekeeper’s Chief, according to the situation.

Gravekeeper’s Recruiter is a Super Rare card that you can obtain as a reward from dueling against level 30 or 40 Odion, that is one of the easiest Legendary Duelists to farm. An ordinary Cerberus Deck is enough to take care of Odion since he doesn’t have anything that can stop your final attack or destroy your Cerberus since it gains some ATK for the first spells you use.


Possessed Dark Soul

This card is in almost every deck on the top of the ladder. Many players are using level 3 or lower monsters on their decks, such as Jerry Beans Man, Sonic Duck, Cocoon of Evolution and Relinquished, that can be targetable by Possessed Dark Soul’s effect. Really a must have in your road to King of Games.

You can get Possessed Dark Soul on the Flame of the Tyrant mini box. It’s a Rare card, so it should not be so difficult to acquire.


One of the few cards that can remove Speel or Trap cards on the Field. Really useful to deal with opponent’s Field Spell like Harpie’s Hunting Ground or to destroy Relinquished’s equipped monster.


Soul Exchange

This is a very important card for this deck and you will have to buy a lot of Valkyrie’s Rage packs in order to get 3 copies of it, since it is an Ultra Rare card.

If there are two or more monster in your opponent’s side of the field, you can combo Soul Exchange with the second effect of Enemy Controller to tribute one of your opponent’s monsters, get control of another one and still Tribute Summon for your Gravekeeper’s Oracle or Gravekeeper’s Chief.

You cannot conduct your Battle Phase on the turn that you used Soul Exchange, but you will have a huge board advantage.

Enemy Controller

Considered one of the hardest cards to get in the game, you need to farm it from level 30 or 40 Seto Kaiba at the gate or when he appears in the city.

Kaiba really is a thought opponent at level 40 and have many powerful cards. One of the most viable decks to farm him consistently is one that uses Yami Yugi’s Destiny Draw Skill with many Life Points recovery cards, Golden Apples or Cloning for the stall and Gravekeeper’s Vassal with Union Attack to the over 9999 damage Assessment.


Windstorm of Etaqua

Obtainable as a reward when you level up Mai Valentine to level 25. It’s one of the best traps current available on Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links and can prevent all opponent’s monster from attacking by changing them to defense position or change that Cocoon of Evolution or Big Shield Gardna to attack position, so you can easily destroy them.


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