How to Manage and Acquire Gems Tutorial

How to Manage and Acquire Gems Tutorial

Hi, I’m Marco Gheri, an old time Yu-Gi-Oh player. Today we are going to talk about the most precious resource in the game: gems. While at the start the flow of gems is pretty consistent, you should be careful: in a pretty short time you will start to miss them.

So, what are gems?

Gems are the currency used in the game to acquire cards via boosters. Because in boosters we often find the most powerful cards, it is obvious that a lot of gems mean a lot of good cards, either for PvP or farming.

Step 1: How to spend the first gems

During the first days after having downloaded the game you’ll receive a pretty high number of gems, and you should use them wisely. Previously the suggestion would have been to spend all of them in the “Ultimate Rising” booster box, but unfortunately it isn’t available anymore. So, what to do?

Probably at the moment the best booster box is “Neo Impact”, because it contains one of the best traps in the game, Mirror Wall. Other than that, it also cointains staples like Jerry Beans Men, Manju of the Thousand Hands and Gravity Axe – Grarl.

If you want to focus on a certain archetype, I would recommend going for “Wonders of the Sky” and try to build an Harpie deck (currently Tier 1). It also cointains some decent support cards.

In “Flame of the Tyrant” we have some niche cards and archetype specific like The Agent of Creation – Venus, Warm Worm, Tyrant Dragon, The Golden Apples; also we have some support for FIRE Monsters, which unfortunately do not seem to be enough in the current meta. The only really good card to geti s Sergeant Electro, but it isn’t necessary for someone who is starting.

In “Valkyrie’s Rage” we have an outstanding card: Dark Witch Dunames. Also Wild Tornado, Burning Land, Pumpkin Princess and Soul Exchange are pretty good; the rest consists mostly in support cards for specific archetypes.

So, be very careful; if you spend them on the wrong box, you could be screwed for a very long time.

Step 2: How to get more

After the initial flow, the main way to acquire gems is by leveling-up characters. This will be done either by dueling Standard Duelists (SD) and Legendary Duelists (LD), or by playing in PvP (which is considerably slower). In fact each character can currently reach level 35, and during level-ups you gain gems.

A good advice is to farm Standard Duelists as much as you can; set up your day in a way that you have the time to autoduel them every 4 hours.

Also a good suggestion is to not go past Stage 38 to have easy auto-duels and continue this step.

Even if by maxing a character you gain a decent amount of gems, you’ll already start to feel the struggle; a nice trick to mitigate this is to get them in some “hidden” places each day.

(Images taken from http://duellinks.gamea.co/c/bsfgs38i)

In fact in each location of the map there is a place that you can tap to get 1,3 or 5 gems randomly. The places are the trash-can in the Deck Editor, the giant card above the Shop, the fountain next to the Gate and the lamps in the PvP Arena.

Trying them at least two times a day will give you some sustain in the long run (it doesn’t seem but they add up). You get a max of 2 boosters every week if you remember to do it and you are lucky with RNG. Better than nothing!

After maxing a character you get around 1800 gems which is the equivalent of 36 boosters. As you can see, they aren’t a lot…so what to do to gain more? And what should you do when you’ll have maxed all characters?

Step 3: PvP and Legendary Duelists

When gems will be finished and the gifts that the game provides you during events (exploit events, they are very important) and for new releases, you are left with farming Legendary Duelists.

To challenge them at the gate you’ll need keys, which you can get against SD and in PvP arena. Because SDs spawn every 4:30 hours, one way to collect keys is to play a very fast deck in PvP (Ranked or Casual, doesn’t matter) to collect a virtually infinite amount of keys.

This will be a very slow and grindy process; in fact LDs drop 10-15 gems (if you already have the skills that he drops) and to speed up everything you can play a Tea Burn deck. Here’s an example:

With this deck either you win by turn 3 or you die. In the first case you’ll score 4000 assessment points, which will grant some keys. If you’ll lose, you’ll still get a chest of keys.

With the keys gathered with this (very slow) method and against Standard Duelists, you’ll challenge LDs and (if you have the cards) farm them (*farming means playing a deck that is designed to score a very high score to get more rewards, I’ll talk about it in another article if I’ll have the chance).

Gems are definitely a problem in this game because they are so necessary and yet so hard to get. While waiting for Konami to fix this big problem, I hope this advices will help you. Hope you had a good read and see you next time!

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