How to Predict Enemy’s Face Down Cards

How to Predict Enemy’s Face Down Cards


In this article we will learn a bit more about how to predict your opponent’s face downs based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links card activation window mechanic. Compared to the IRL TCG, is very hard to bluff a Spell as a Trap card on Duel Links since the game shows a little delay when you have a certain card that can be activated on determined opponent’s action.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links ranked matches metagame still new in terms of Spell and Trap cards variety and you can use this in your advantage on your road to King of Games. There is a list of the most used cards on the ladder and how to predict them.

Mirror Wall

This card is being less used because of the ascension of Mai’s Harpie’s Hunting Ground Decks and its Spell/Trap cards destruction power, but still the main trap in almost every deck on competitive play.

If your enemy have a face down card on his Spell/Trap card zone that is prompting an activation without any monsters on your side of the field between all of your phases, it’s most likely to be a Mirror Wall.



Order to Charge

If your opponent’s face down wasn’t prompting an activation but starts doing so after a Normal Monster is summoned in his side of the field, it is most likely to be an Order to Charge.

Twister/Wild Tornado

When an opponent’s set card does not starts prompting an activation until you have a face up Spell or Trap card, it’s probably Twister or Wild Tornado.


If the delay occurs after you destroy an opponent’s monster, it’s either Michizure or Regretful Rebirth (more common on Tea’s Mill Decks).

Golden Apples

When you attack your opponent’s Life Points directly and there is a delay, he probably has The Golden Apples set. In some specific decks, it could also be Attack and Receive orNuminous Healer.


Sphere Kuriboh

Maybe the easiest one to predict. If there’s a delay within your battle phase that doesn’t allow your monsters to attack smoothly while your opponent have no Spell or Trap cards field, he is holding a Sphere Kuriboh.

How to counter this information

There is a feature in the game that can be activated inside Duel Settings called Activation Confirmation. When the Toggle Button option is checked, a button will be displayed on the Duel screen so that you can switch the settings for cards activation confirmation.

This button has three options. When set to AUTO, the card activation window will work as you are used to. When the button shows OFF, you will never be asked to activate any cards and when its set to ON you will be asked to activate your cards in every situation that it is possible to do.

This way, you can catch your opponent’s off guard having no delay between his actions when you in fact have a card that can be activated when you really want to, just toggling the button.

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