Neo-Impact Top 5 Cards

Neo-Impact Top 5 Cards


Neo-Impact is one of the earliest card packs to be released in Duel Links. It has a lot of classic cards in it especially ones that help with tribute summoning so it’s a good pack to pull for tribute fodder.

A lot of the cards in this pack could be considered outdated for the current meta but there are still a lot of them that are used to this day.

Double Coston and Kaiser Sea Horse

These two cards share a spot because they are essentially the same card for different attributes. Each of them has the exact same ATK and DEF as one another and their effects mirror each other.

Double Coston can be used as a double Tribute for DARK monsters. And Kaiser Sea Horse can be used a double tribute for a LIGHT monster.

These are two really good cards for that reason because it removes the need of having to fill your field up with cards to summon. Their attack is decently high so they won’t be destroyed easy then the next turn you can get out a 7-star monster with ease.

These are great cards to use if you’re running things like Dark Magician and Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Meteor B. Dragon

Meteor B. Dragon is a fusion monster between the Red-Eyes Black Dragon and Meteor Dragon. It has no effect making it a pretty basic fusion card but its ATK is what makes it so good.

It has a massive 3500 ATK points and is simple to get out because it’s a fusion. All you need are Red-Eyes, Meteor Dragon and Polymerization.

Getting those three cards in your hand is not a difficult task and once you have them this guy is basically gonna control the field. The biggest threat to him is card effects but those can be avoided if you play right.

What makes Meter B. Dragon so good is his capability to just brute force it’s way through a duel. Once he’s out it’s going to be very hard for your opponent to keep traction with their moves.

Especially if you manage to get him out early in the duel. You’ll basically win by pressuring your opponent who most likely doesn’t have any of the support they need to stop him.

Sasuke Samurai

This low-level monster is a helpful little thing because of its effect. Its ATK is very low and its DEF isn’t any better but he’s not here to be taking hits or dishing them out.

When Sasuke Samurai attacks a face-down defense monster that monster is destroyed immediately. This basically means that Sasuke Samurai can completely obliterate your opponent’s defenses with one attack.

Doesn’t matter how much DEF the monster has. If it is in defense and face-down it is destroyed by Sasuke Samurai and this is incredibly helpful.

You can even maximize Sasuke Samurai to be an attacker by giving him equip cards to boost his ATK. Giving him the ability to deal damage while clearing the field of defense is a great addition.

Shooting Star Bow – Ceal

Any of the Guardian equip cards could have taken this spot but I chose Shooting Star Bow because of how lethal it can be if used right. Equip it to any monster and they lose 1000 ATK but can attack your opponent directly.

Now, at first glance, any monster losing 1000 ATK is a huge downside and not worth it by any means. Except it 100% is if you’re using it on the right monster.

Each player has 4000 Life Points and to lower them you wanna do direct damage. This is a very simple combo of cards if you know which ones to use.

Any card with 2000 ATK or higher is going to, in theory, be able to win you the duel in 3-4 turns. Something like Dark Magician, Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Gilford the Lightning.

Anything that has over 2000 ATK points will have at minimum 1000 ATK points when equipping with Shooting Star Bow. And there is the argument that it can be difficult to get a monster that powerful out on the field and get it equipped.

And that’s true but with the right strategy involved you’ll have no problem getting your powerhouses out and putting them to use with this card.

Mirror Wall

Mirror Wall is probably one of the most sought-after cards in this pack. It’s a trap that halves the ATK of your opponent’s monsters each time they attack.

That is a huge and helpful effect but it comes with a heavy downside. You have to pay 2000 Life Points to keep this card or it’s destroyed.

This is a pretty big payment seeing how you essentially can only use it for one turn otherwise you’d lose the duel. But there are ways around this.

You can build a deck based around Mirror Wall designed to keep your life points high and destroying your opponents weakened monsters. It takes some trial and error to figure out exactly what works but this trap is worth it if you can get the method down.

And if not, this trap makes a great last resort card if you desperately need to take down a monster and can spare the life points. It’s all about planning and situation when it comes to Mirror Wall.

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