Paradox Brothers: Three Star Demotion Decks

Paradox Brothers: Three Star Demotion Decks


In this guide you will learn about how to use the Three Star Demotion skill with some deck examples with the Three Demotion skill that is currently in the meta and how these decks works to properly use the card combos. One of these decks will be using the Spell-Caster variant using the Dark Magician as core monster card and the other deck using the Dragon variant with the Red-Eyes B. Dragon monster card. Both of these deck variants use as main defense card the Champion’s Vigilance trap card that can negate any monster summon or the activation of any spell/trap card , so let’s see how can you build these decks.


How this deck works?

With the recent added playable character Paradox Brothers, they come bundled with a brand new skill named Three Star Demotion that allows the player to reduce the level of your monster cards in hand by 3 levels by paying 2000 life points.


This at first would sound risky due that you reduce your initial 4000 life points by half in one turn but if you add some heal cards like Supremacy Berry, you can make some deadly combinations with some level 7 monsters to be able summon them in turn 1 without risk.


These decks are still vulnerable to cards like Order to Charge, Relinquished or even Soul Exchange; but you can make safe plays and win the game with the core defense card of this deck that makes it so powerful and it’s another drop card from our old time, hard to farm friend Kaiba: the Champion’s Vigilance trap card.


Dark Magician Variant  

This deck uses the monster card Dark Magician to have great attack and defense points on the board against any of the other meta monster cards, also being able to easily summon it with the Three Star Demotion Skill in one turn makes it an early threat to your opponent.


To help this deck with consistency and to not just stall until one Dark Magician appears in your hand to use the skill, we also need to run Dark Magician Girl to use it with Sage’s Stone to special summon a Dark Magician from either your hand or deck, in this case the better option will be to brought it from your deck to thin it.


Also a mandatory card for defense in this deck is the Champion’s Vigilance trap card that ideally must be set before you summon a Dark Magician, that way you can use its effect after you summon your Dark Magician in the same turn and defend it against any instant threat like Order to Charge.


If your opponent already has set a backrow defense before you summon your Dark Magician and you don’t have an already set Champion’s Vigilance, wait one turn until you can use it’s effect to negate for example a Mirror Wall or Enemy Controller in your Battle Phase, also you can add to your deck a powerful magic card that is not common to see but works great with this deck: the Dark Magic Attack.


With this spell card Dark Magic Attack you only need to have a Dark Magician on board to use its effect immediately and allows you to destroy all the magic and spell traps that your opponent controls, that way you can attack without fearing any possible threat in your Battle Phase. Note that this spell card doesn’t work with Dark Magician Girl.





Some cards replacement could be Windstorm of Etaqua instead of Sphere Kuriboh or another Enemy Controller. Also Magic Formula is useful to gain damage for Dark Magician Girl and some healing if it’s destroyed, but can be replaced for Metalmorph if you are still looking for a damage boost or to add a tech card for your frequent matchups.


Dragons Variant

With the power spike that the dragon decks had with the addition of cards like Kaibaman, Vanguard of the Dragon, Red-Eyes Spirit, etc; combining some of these cards with the Three Star Demotion skill, you can build a great deck with some powerful options with good defense and attack options.


To begin we need one of the most iconic dragon monster cards for this deck, the Red-Eyes B. Dragon as our main card in this deck because it will have a great synergy with the other cards of this deck like Red-Eyes Spirit and Vanguard of the Dragon.

The main combo will always be to have a 7 stars normal monster on the board to be able to use the Champion’s Vigilance card effect for defense, but to duplicate our winning conditions, we will also run some Vanguard of the Dragon monster cards to be able to send our Red-Eyes B. Dragon from the hand to the graveyard with the Vanguard of the Dragon effect and special summon it back to the board with the help of the trap card Red-Eyes Spirit. This also help us to not always rely on the usage of the skill in case we are low in life points.


That means that without using the Three Star Demotion Skill, we can be able to have a Red-Eyes B. Dragon and also the Vanguard of the Dragon monster card with 2000 atk if you used its effect just once.

While we can use Champion’s Vigilance to negate any spell/trap card that our opponent could activate if we have a 7 stars normal monster on board, we can also run some Stamping Destruction spell card to be able to destroy any spell/trap card on the field and also deal 500 damage to its controller.

That way we can use it to destroy some backrow defense that our opponent would have to reduce our threats in our Battle Phase.

In this deck we will also have the Serpent Night Dragon monster card to use it with the Three Star Demotion Skill and thanks that it’s a normal 7 star monster, it also works with our core defense card Champion’s Vigilance. So you will have two options to use with this deck, using Vanguard of the Dragon to send Red-Eyes B. Dragon to the graveyard and then special summon it with Red-Eyes Spirit and also using the Three Star Demotion skill to normal summon Serpent Night Dragon and both 7 star normal monsters works for the Champion’s Vigilance trap card activation.


Note that you can also use Red-Eyes B. Dragon with an Enemy Controller as fodder to control an opponent’s monster card and then special summon it with an already set Red-Eyes Spirit, so this deck provides a lot of synergies to help you against meta decks.


The ideal combo is normal summon Serpent Night Dragon with the help of the Three Star Demotion skill, then set a Champion’s Vigilance and a Red-Eyes Spirit, next turn normal summon a Vanguard of the Dragon and use its effect to send a Red-Eyes B. Dragon to the graveyard and then special summon it with Red-Eyes Spirit to have 3 dragon monsters on your side of the board, clean a backrow card of your opponent with Stamping Destruction and negate any possible threats with Champion’s Vigilance.




With the recent Mokuba Kaiba event drop cards, you can also add a couple of Kidmodo Dragon to help the deck with another resource to summon a level 7 monster from your hand if it’s send to the graveyard, that way you can send it with the Vanguard of the Dragon effect or as a defense option in face down position and after it’s destroyed, use the Kidmodo Dragon effect in your opponent’s turn and you won’t have to wait one turn to attack.













I hope you enjoyed and found these tips useful and if you want me to talk about something specific let me know in the comments section.


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