Power of Bravery Top 10 Cards

Power of Bravery Top 10 Cards

Power of Bravery

The 15th Mini-Box released in Duel Links. Power of Bravery introduces many new cards like the Morphtronic and the Scrap archetypes.

This list will go over ten of the best cards in this mini-box. They are in no particular order and will be based on the usage of the card on its own and with other cards.

Power Tool Dragon


Power Tool Dragon is a Synchro monster with 2300 ATK and a very defensive effect. One per-turn you can reveal 3 Equip Spells from your deck.

Your opponent randomly chooses one and it goes to your hand. This card’s second effect makes it immune to destruction if it is equipped with a spell card, the equip card can be destroyed instead.

This card is great with using its effects because every turn you can set it up to have its destruction immunity effect. If you run a deck with a lot of Equip spell cards then Power Tool Dragon is a must have because of how good of a defensive wall it is.

Memory of an Adversary

A very useful trap card,  Memory of an Adversary can be activated when an opponents monster attacks. You take damage equal to the monsters ATK then banishes that card.

Then at the end phase of the turn, you can special summon that monster to your side of the field. If used right this trap can get you a powerful monster to your side of the field rather easily.

The drawback is taking direct damage to your life points equal to the monsters attack. But if you have cards that restore your life points it’s an easy weakness to get around.

Morphtronic Accelerator

Morphtronic Accelerator is only usable in a Morphtronic deck. So if you’re running the archetype then this is a must-have card for support.

You can return 1 Morphtronic monster from your hand to your deck. Then you can destroy 1 card on the field, then draw 1 card.

Pack your deck with three of these and you have 3 free destroy card effects for any card on the field. Then 3 free card draws as well.

It’s a very good Morphtronic utility card.

Atomic Scrap Dragon

This is a powerful Synchro in both attack and effect. It takes three monsters in total to summon, 1 Tuner and 2 non-Tuner monsters.

Atomic Scrap Dragon has 3200 ATK which on its own is worth using this card. The effect of this card allows you to send 1 card you control to the graveyard and 3 cards from your opponents grave to their deck.

When this card is destroyed you can special summon 1 non-synchro Scrap monster from the graveyard. This effect is a great setup effect if you’re going against a deck that has a lot of powerhouse monsters.

This card is powerful in ATK but monster effects can be a pain. So using its effect to special summon a strong Scrap monster when its destroyed is a great backup plan.

Vylon Segment

Great for decks using the Vylon archetype. This spell card is an equip spell for Vylon monsters and makes them immune to monster and trap effects.

if this spell card is sent to the graveyard then you can add 1 “Vylon” spell card from your deck to your hand. Vylon Segment acts as a great defense when equipped to a monster but also a good utility getting you any Vylon spell card when it’s destroyed.

Power Pickaxe

And overall great Equip spell card. When a monster is equipped with this card, once per-turn they can select a monster in the opponent’s grave with a level equal to or lower than itself.

It then removes the monster from play and the equipped monster gains 500 ATK points until the end phase. This card is great for decks that are meant to burn through your opponent’s cards.

You can effectively remove any chance of summoning monsters from the grave by banishing them all. Though this card is best used on high-level monsters due to the level requirement in its effect.

Naturia Butterfly

This is possibly one of the best cards in this Mini-Box in terms of utility and effectiveness. Naturia Butterfly allows you to negate one attack per turn by sending the top card of your deck to the graveyard.

So by having this card on the field, you can choose 1 monster that attacks from your opponent’s side of the field and negates the attack. This can essentially make whatever strong monster they have out useless.

All you need are cards to keep Naturia Butterfly on the field. It’s pretty small time in terms of ATK and DEF but get a good defense going and this card can be a staple in any field control deck.

Buster Whelp of the Destruction Swordsman

This card is a bit limited in terms of its use. It’s effect only works with the “Destruction Sword” archetype but it is an extremely good card for that archetype.

When it’s normal summoned you can add 1 Destruction Sword card to your hand from your deck, except a card that shares its name. Then once per-turn you can activate one of two effects.

● You can Tribute this card; Special Summon 1 “Buster Blader” from your hand or Graveyard.
● If this card is in your Graveyard and you control “Buster Blader”: You can discard 1 “Destruction Sword” card; Special Summon this card.

In terms of effect this card allows you to get Buster Blader on the field very easily. If you’re running a Destruction Sword deck you need this card.

Also, if you’re running a deck that has Dark Paladin then this is a great support card for that. Making it easier to get Buster Blader on the field and use the powerhouse to buy time until you can get Dark Magician and Polymerization.

Rod of Silence – Kay’est and Guardian Kay’est


These last two cards go together and are a very powerful combo when used alongside one another. Rod of Silence gives 500 DEF to any monster you equip it too and that monster becomes immune to all spell cards that target it.

When it is targeted you can destroy that spell card. As for Guardian Kay’est, she can only be summoned when Rod of Silence is already on the field.

Once summoned, Kay’est is unaffected by spell cards and cannot be targeted for attacks. But her being out does not protect from direct attacks.

Now, what makes this pair so useful is they effectively remove spell cards from the equation. Kay’est can’t be targeted by spells or attacks which makes her nearly invincible if played right.

They force your opponent to play differently if they rely heavily on targeting spells. They’ll have to focus more on their Traps or playing in a heavy offense to get around these two.







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