Primal Burst Top 5 Cards

Primal Burst Top 5 Cards

Primal Burst

Primal Burst is the 9th Full Box set in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links. The cards it contains focus heavily on Lightsworn, Gem-Knight, Dark World, and Cloudian Archetypes.

Aside from the archetypes, Primal Burst is full of Fire and support Spells for Fire attribute monsters. Cards like Volcanic Doomfire, Blaze Accelerator, and Tri-Blaze Accelerator.

In this guide, we’re going to go over the top 5 cards released in this pack. We’ll go over strategies, combo plays, and other good uses.

Volcanic Doomfire

Volcanic Doomfire is one of the Ultra Rare cards from Primal Burst. It’s one of the strongest monsters ATK wise and has a very good effect.

The cost to summon Volcanic Doomfire by itself should let you know how strong it is. To summon Volcanic Doomfire you have to first play Blaze Accelerator then send that from the field to play Tri-Blaze Accelerator.

Then once you have that card you send it from the field to special summon Volcanic Doomfire. When on the field Volcanic Doomfire pretty much controls the entire field.

During the battle phase, any monster your opponent control has to attack Doomfire with no choice. So having him out almost makes it impossible for your opponent to enter the Battle Phase.

When it’s your battle phase, Volcanic Doomfire can attack and destroy a monster. When it does his second effect destroys every monster your opponent controls and inflicts 500 points of damage for every card.

Volcanic Doomfire on its own is a heavy hitting monster and doesn’t need much support to be a threat. Just getting it on the field with its requirement is the real trial but once he’s out you’ll have a good standing.

Gem-Knight Seraphinite

Gem-Knight Seraphinite is a fusion card in the Gem-Knight archetype. This particular fusion is good because it doesn’t require a specific Gem-Knight to be used.

All you need is 1 Gem-Knight monster, doesn’t matter which one. And one LIGHT Attribute monster and the appropriate fusion card to fuse them.

So the requirements to get Seraphinite on the field are pretty simple and once this card is out it is extremely helpful. It’s a powerful card in attack points alone but its effect is what makes Seraphinite really good.

With her effect, you gain 1 extra normal summon every turn. Basically allowing you to normal summon two monsters every turn.

That makes it so your field will be completely full in one turn giving you good defense or summoning high power 4-star monsters for attacking. But what makes it even better is you can use your second normal summon to tribute summon another monster.

So in the same turn, you can normal summon a monster then tribute that one you just played for a stronger one. Or normal summon two monsters then get them to survive until the next turn and tribute summon them both for a 7-star or higher monster. Then play another normal summon after summoning your high-level card.

Seraphinite is a great utility card with her effect and makes it very easy to build up your offense or defense very quickly. And at the cost it takes to summon her there really isn’t any reason not to run this card if you’re using Gem-Knights or a LIGHT based deck.

Golden Ladybug

Golden Ladybug is a very simple yet useful card simply because of its effect. It’s a 1-star monster with 0 ATK and DEF so at face value it’s entirely useless.

But it’s effect allows you to reveal it in your hand to gain 500 Life Points every turn, and then it stays revealed until the end phase.

You can use this effect once per turn gaining 500 Life Points every turn as long as you reveal this card. It’s a simple effect that a lot of people would overlook but it is a life saving one.

500 Life Points is not that many but over several turns, it adds up fast. Golden Ladybug is perfect for stall decks making it so all you have to do is cover yourself with defenses and use Ladybug to boost your life points every turn.

Once your Life Points are at an acceptable value you can just sit back and either win by drawing out or use your high LP pool to start playing out whatever strategies you have. Golden Ladybug is a great stall card and should be utilized by anyone with a stall deck.

Broken Bamboo Sword/Golden Bamboo Sword/ Cursed Bamboo Sword

I’m counting all 3 Bamboo sword cards in one card because they are all connected to each other. These are great equip spell cards mostly for Golden and Cursed because of their separate effects.

Broken Bamboo Sword does nothing, your monster gains 0 ATK points and it’s just taking up a spell slot. But it’s there to let you play Golden or Cursed.

When you play Golden while Broken is out you can draw 2 cards. It’s basically a Pot of Greed effect without breaking the forbidden/banned cards rule.

Cursed is a little more complex than Golden is. When you equip Cursed your monster still gets 0 ATK but if you have a monster that is equipped with another Bamboo sword you can return it to your hand.

Then after that is done the monster can attack your opponent directly that turn. This can be done once per turn so you have a loop of direct attacks if done right.

By having a strong monster out you can play Broken Bamboo Sword every single turn on the same monster while Cursed is out. Then use Cursed Bamboo Swords effect to return Broken to your hand and allow that monster to attack directly.

These three cards by themselves are absolutely worthless. But put together they become a very useful 3 card combo that if done right can be devastating.

Dark Smog

Dark Smog is a great trap card for anyone running Fiend monsters, especially if they are Dark World monsters. Once per turn, you can discard a Fiend monster then target 1 monster in your opponents graveyard and banish it.

By doing this, depending on the deck your running. Dark Smog clears out your opponent’s graveyard keeping them from bringing monsters back through special summon, using effects that require graveyard to activate, or playing strategies involving their graveyard.

Where if you’re running Dark World cards, by discarding them for Dark Smogs effect you are building on the Dark World effect because it revolves around discarding them to get certain effects.

So with Dark World, Dark Smog is a great support utility card for the archetype. But if you’re just running Fiends then it is a great strategy killer and graveyard cleanser to give you full control of your opponent’s graveyard while you focus on the rest of the field.

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