Resonance of Contrast Top 5 Cards

Resonance of Contrast Top 5 Cards


Resonance of Contrast

Resonance of Contrast is the 9th Mini Box in Duel Links. The cards it focuses on the most are Bujingi cards and Dragon-type monsters.

The banner monster is Red-Eyes Slash Dragon and it works well with some of the Dragon-types and support cards in this box. This guide is going to talk about the 5 best cards in Resonance of Contrast and give good tips on combos with other cards and how they stand on their own.

Red Eyes Slash Dragon

As the banner monster, Red-Eyes Slash Dragon is the first of the best 5 cards in this box. It’s a fusion monster between a Red-Eyes Black Dragon and 1 Warrior-type monster.

Slash Dragon is a great monster in terms of power with its high 2800 ATK value. But it’s effect gives it a great utility for strategy.

When a Red-Eyes monster declares an attack you can take 1 Warrior monster from your graveyard and equip it to Slash Dragon. Slash Dragon gains 200 ATK when equipped and when a card effect is activated that targets it, you can send the equip card to the graveyard to negate the effect and destroy the card using it.

If Slash Dragon is destroyed by battle or card effect you can special summon as many monsters as possible that were equipped to him. So Slash Dragon has 3 main effects, equipping monsters which gives him 200 extra ATK, negating and destroying cards with the equipped monsters, and special summoning any and all equip monsters that were used when it’s destroyed.

Slash Dragon is a very powerful card if used correctly. Throw it into a Warrior based deck and you’re looking at a full deck strategy around this card.

Get Slash Dragon out then use it as your main defense. Fill it with equip cards and stop every effect that you can while Slash Dragon controls the field.

When and if Slash Dragon is taken out, you can fill your field with powerful Warrior monsters if you were smart to get them into the grave.

Important Tip: Use a powerful Warrior monster for the fusion with Slash Dragon. Something like Gilford the Lightning with his high ATK Value. This way when he’s in the grave you can equip him then special summon him on Slash Dragons destruction.

Snipe Hunter

Our number 2 card is the second Ultra Rare in this mini box. Snipe Hunter is a 4-star fiend-type monster with 1500 ATK.

His main purpose is going to be his effect which at first glance can seem risky but the gamble is worth the reward. By discarding one card you can select any card on the field and destroy it.

But you have to roll a 6-sided die in order to do so. Get anything by a 1 or a 6 and the effect works destroying the card.

So the cost is one card discarded then you have a 4 in 6 chance to successfully use the effect. That chance alone can seem risky but used right and it’s extremely helpful.

Snipe Hunter is great in decks that require discards like the Dark World archetype. Using Snipe Hunter to discard a card each time it uses it’s effect while having the chance to destroy a card on the field at the same time.

It can be a great utility card for Dark World decks even sharing the Fiend-type. Its ATK isn’t horrible but it’s really not going to be used for offense.

Snipe Hunter is an effect monster and will mostly be used as such. A great card to combo with him is Dice re-roll giving you an extra re-roll on the die if you end up on a 1 or 6.

Vampire’s Curse

Number 3 is Vampire’s Curse, a zombie card with 200 ATK and a powerful effect. When it’s destroyed by battle you can pay 500 life points to special summon back to your side of the field, then it gains 500 ATK points.

If you manage your life points right you are looking at a never-ending pool of power wit Vampire’s Curse. Every time it’s destroyed and brought back it gains 500 ATK points boosting its power every single time.

Within 5 turns of it being destroyed and brought back, you’ll have a monster with 4500 ATK points at the cost of 2500 Life points. Add some cards that boost your life points like Healing Wave Generator and you’re set for the entire duel.

Vampire’s Curse is a powerful monster and its effect pushes it over the top. I highly recommend this card in any deck as long as you have the means the keep your life points at a steady pace until Vampire’s Curse is beyond 3000 ATK points.

Trial and Tribulation

Trial and Tribulation is an interesting spell card that takes a bit of work to get the full effect out of. You can only use one of this card per turn so you have to really plan out the turn before using this card.

Depending on how many tributes happen in the turn depends on the effect of the spell card. 1 Tribute = draw 1 card, 2 Tributes = Add 2 monsters from the grave to your hand, 3 and above Tributes = Destroying up to 3 face-up cards on the field.

Depending on the kind of deck you’re running it can be easy to get the 3rd effect in a turn. But really it’s all about strategy with the card.

If you’re running a deck that requires having a lot of monsters in your hand or on the field, the second effect is perfect. If you need more cards in your hand the first effect gives you a free draw.

Trial and Tribulation is a great spell card but it’s also a difficult one to use. There’s no real point putting it in a deck unless you already know when and how it will be used in a duel.

Destruction Punch

The 5th card on our list is the trap card Destruction Punch. A great utility card for defensive decks that rely on high DEF monsters.

When an opponents monster attacks and it’s ATK is lower than your monsters DEF, then your opponents monster is destroyed. Now, this can be good just to clear your opponent’s field while you keep your defense but there’s also a good way to really utilize Destruction Punch.

You want cards with really high DEF value. Big Shield Gardna is a perfect example having 2600 DEF points. Having a value that high allows you to destroy a monster that is 2600 ATK points or below.

Throw three Destruction Punch into one deck and you’re looking at 3 free destroyed monsters if your opponent gets sloppy. Not only does your defense monster play as your main defensive post, but Destruction Punch acts as a second line of defense.

It’s a great trap card for defensive decks and can do some real damage if it’s used correctly. I highly recommend at least 2 of these in any defense focused deck just for the utility alone.

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