Road to King of Games

Road to King of Games


This article will be about how to reach King of Games rank in the actual meta, common mistakes that the opponent makes while dueling, competitive decks to rank up and also how to counter common decks that you can encounter in high ranks such as Harpie’s, Relinquished or Gravekeeper’s decks.


How Should I Begin?

First of all you must check which cards you have in your inventory to decide in which deck you should focus to get the cards that you need and which play style would you like to play, for example:


If you have some Relinquished cards you can build a Relinquished deck that consist in stealing the opponent’s monsters; if you have some Gravekeeper’s cards like Gravekeeper’s Recruiter you can build a Gravekeeper’s deck that works with Gravekeeper’s Oracle effects to summon it and either lower your opponent’s monster attack or destroying all the face down monster cards when it’s summoned and also a beatdown deck like Dinos Deck that requires all the dinos drop cards from Rex Raptor with backrow help like Order to Charge and Mirror Wall.


Also check if you have the skill that you need for your deck or if you need to farm it for some decks that require a character skill to work like Kaibaman Blue Eyes, Desert Twister or Magnet Warriors using Joey’s Last Gamble skill, Harpies Deck using Mai’s Harpies’ High Ground skill or Parasite Infestation Weevil’s skill for a Parasite burn deck.


Now let’s see some popular and strong decks to climb in our road to King of Games, how to build them, which cards are needed and how to counter them if you duel against them.


Relinquished Deck

Do you have at least 2 copies of Relinquished? Then you must get 2-3 copies of Sonic Bird, Senju of the Thousand Hands and Sphere Kuriboh, these are the core cards of the deck because they have a great synergy between them and that’s why it’s considered a tier 1 deck due that you can have Relinquished in the board in a couple of turns.


Besides these cards, you can add a tech card that also works with this deck like Skull Lair, that way you can destroy potential threats against your Relinquished such as Possessed Dark Soul or any card that could attack your Relinquished without an equipped monster card.

Try to get both Interdimensional Matter Transporter in the deck to save your Relinquished from being destroyed by cards like Order to Charge, Skull Lair or by monsters effects like Dream Clown.


Also with the recent nerf to Keith’s skill Switcheroo, now is recommended to use the Restart skill with the Relinquished deck and to maximize our chances to have early presence in the board you can also add some Sergeant Electro monster cards that works great to negate the enemy backrow or play it with Mai’s Harpie’s High Ground to avoid bad starting hands. 




How to counter

Keeping in mind how this deck works, while playing against it you can add a wide variety of tech cards that not only counters this deck but can help against other popular decks in the meta.

Some cards examples are Magic Drain that can be activated when your opponent uses the ritual spell card Black Illusion Ritual, that way if your opponent doesn’t have another spell card in hand to negate the effect of the trap card, the spell card effect is negated and destroyed allowing you to avoid a Relinquished being summoned.

Other great and cheaper options are Possessed Dark Soul and Skull Lair, due to their Rare rarity are easier to acquire from their boxes and can be used against a Relinquished.


The first one Possessed Dark Soul can steal an opponent’s Relinquished by tributing the card. The only downside is that if your opponent has a Interdimensional Matter Transporter already set in the board, it can save it from being stolen by banishing it that turn.


The other option Skull Lair only requires you to have 1 monster in your graveyard due that Relinquished is a level 1 monster, you only need to banish 1 monster to destroy it. The downside with this card is if your opponent is playing with Sergeant Electro, can lock your trap card if you don’t activate it before it gets locked.


Gravekeeper’s Deck

This is another strong tier 1 deck that can boost your way to King of Games in no time thanks to the wide variety of support cards that helps this deck. First of all we need to be sure to have the core cards for this deck like 3 copies of Gravekeeper’s Recruiter that can be farmed against level 30/40 Odion, Gravekeeper’s Oracle that can be acquired as a SR card from the card trader and  both Gravekeeper’s Chief and Gravekeeper’s Priest that  can be farmed against level 30/40 Ichizu.


While these are the required cards, we also need cards to make it viable and a must have addition is the Soul Exchange card. The more copies you can get the better but due that is a UR card from a normal box can be difficult to acquire but can also work with 2 copies for consistency.


With this Soul Exchange spell card you can use it to summon your Gravekeeper’s Chief without the need to use your monsters to tribute summon it, that way you can destroy any monster card of your opponent and to add more value only use this combo when you have another Gravekeeper’s card in your graveyard to special summon it, so this is a +2 monster cards in board for you, -1 less to your opponent.


Another good addition for this deck is the Double Summon spell card that can help you to active your combo effect in one turn, ideal combo could be normal summon a Gravekeeper’s Recruiter, use Double Summon Card and special summon Gravekeeper’s Oracle tributing one Gravekeeper’s card, that way you can activate Oracle’s effect and draw from your deck a Gravekeeper’s Chief for the next turn with the Gravekeeper’s Recruiter effect when its send to your graveyard.


Last but not least, to help you to have defense for your monsters and life points, 3 copies of Enemy Controller not only helps you to defend but can also work to gain control of an opponent’s monster card, ideal combo is to tribute a Gravekeeper’s Recruiter to gain control of an opponent’s monster, draw a Gravekeeper’s Chief with Gravekeeper’s Recruiter effect and tribute summon it with your opponent monster to take back any Gravekeeper’s monster card that you could have in your graveyard.




How to Counter

While this deck sounds strong and almost invincible, with the help of some cards can be countered and being able to negate the effects succession that make this deck so deadly.


Some tech cards like Magic Drain can negate the use of spell cards like  Double Summon or  Soul Exchange that are used in this deck. The downside of this card is that this deck only uses spell cards and can negate the activation of this trap card by sending one to the graveyard, that would be a -1 for the opponent but he will be able to use the initial spell card.


Another great counter card against this deck is the Divine Wrath trap card. When set in your side of the board, you can negate any monster card effect by sending 1 card from your hand to the graveyard, that means that only if your opponent has a Trap Jammer or Seven Tools of the Bandit can negate the activation of this card.


Not only negates the effect of a monster but it also destroys it and that adds a great value for you because if your opponent uses either the Gravekeeper’s Chief or Gravekeeper’s Oracle effect and you activate this trap card, this card destroys it.

The downside of this trap card is that you must send 1 card from your hand to the graveyard, that means that you need to have at least 1 card in your hand each turn to be able to activate this card.


Tips to get Better

Always use the toggle option in the game settings to not let your opponent know what card you have set or in hand. It’s a common mistake to try to guess which card your opponent has if he takes time to cancel the activation notifications, so if you set a Mirror Wall for example, set your toggle option to OFF until the Battle Phase begins, that way your opponent will have a hard time guessing which card you have or he won’t see it coming.


Another example is if you have a Sphere Kuriboh in hand, maybe your opponent has 2 monster cards in the field and will attack your Relinquished with an equipped monster, that means that he will try to destroy it with the attack of his second monster. You can set the toggle option to OFF in the first monster attack, and set it to ON in the second monster attack, that way you can save your Relinquished and steal a monster card the next turn.


Also try to guess which cards could your opponent have according to the cards that he played or the skill that is using. For example, if you see a Mai with Harpies’ High Ground Skill, always expect Wind monsters like Birdface or Sonic Duck, Harpie’s cards that could destroy your trap/spell cards with the field spell effect and normal monsters like Dunames Dark Witch or Master Kyonshee to use Order to Charge against your monster cards.


With that in mind, try to have a backup plan like if your opponent is playing Mai Harpie’s and you are playing a Weevil burn deck, don’t set spell/trap cards until you destroy his field spell card, don’t set your Mask of the Accursed to normal monsters that can be used with Order to Charge and take in consideration that Harpie Lady #1 can boost all the wind monster attack and with the field spell card, can boost Sonic Duck attack and it will be able to destroy your Cocoon of Evolution in defense position.

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