Secrets of the Ancients Top 10 Cards

Secrets of the Ancients Top 10 Cards

Secrets of the Ancients

Secrets of the Ancients is the 16th Mini-Box released in Duel Links. It introduces some new Synchro monsters as well as quite a few Beast monsters and support cards for them.

This list will go over ten of the best cards in this min-box. They are in no particular order and are judged based on their uses alone and in card combos.

Ancient Fairy Dragon

This card is the signature card of the Mini-box and a pretty decent Synchro card. It has a high ATK of 2100 and DEf of 3000 making it great for either attack or defense.

Once per turn you can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower monster from your hand. But you cannot conduct your Battle Phase the turn you activate this effect.

You can also destroy as many Field Spell Cards on the field as possible, and if you do, gain 1000 LP, then you can add 1 Field Spell Card from your Deck to your hand.

With the ability to special summon one monster per turn makes it a great card for building up defenses. It only requires one Tuner and non-Tuner to summon.

Traptrix Atrax

This card is an interesting one in terms of use and effect. It’s a decent 4-star with 1800 ATK making it a great low-level attacker.

Its effect makes it immune to “Hole” card effects. And also lets you use “Hole” trap cards from your hand instead of from the field.

While also making it impossible to negate Normal Trap Card effects on your side of the field. So cards like Trap Hole are an essential piece to this cards overall usability.

Armades, Keeper of Boundaries

Another good Synchro monster that only requires one Tuner and a non-tuner. This card has 2300 ATK with an effect that makes it an ideal offensive monster.

Its effect makes it so that when it attacks or is attacked your opponent cannot activate cards or effects until the end of the Damage Step. This basically makes this card immune to most Traps and monster Effects that would keep it from getting an attack off.

Junk Synchron

Junk Synchron is a 3-star monster with decent ATK for a 3-star. Its purpose as a card is mostly from its effect.

When this card is Normal Summoned you can target 1 Level 2 or lower monster in your Graveyard. Special Summon that target in Defense Position, but its effects are negated.

This essentially is used to get a Synchro monster out in one turn. By playing this card then getting any other level 2 monster out you can get at least a level 5 Synchro monster on the field such as Armades, Keeper of Boundaries.


A powerful 4-star monster with 1900 ATK but with a slight different summon requirement. It can’t be normal summoned or set but instead must be Special Summoned by removing 1 EARTH monster from play.

When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard you can destroy all Spell and Trap Cards on the field. So as an offensive monster it’s great in its high ATK but even more so because it needs to be special summoned allowing you to normal summon a second monster in the same turn.

Ape Fighter

This card is a great offensive monster having 1900 ATK points. Its effect makes it even stronger with an interesting drawback if not used offensively.

If this card destroys an opponent’s monster by battle it gains 300 ATK. If this card does not attack during your turn, the ATK gained from this effect returns to 0 during the End Phase of that turn.

So as long as this card attacks each turn you will continue to keep your ATK bonuses. If it destroys a monster each turn it will keep increasing by 300 ATK.

Lair Wire

Lair Wire is a Trap card that mostly focuses on Insect-type monsters. If you run an Insect deck this is a great utility card to have.

By removing one Insect-type monster from play from your graveyard you can destroy 1 monster your opponent controls. Its effect is trading one of your cards for theirs but it’s a good destructive trap when your opponent has a powerful monster on the field.

Thunder Unicorn

Thunder Unicorn is a Synchro monster that requires 1 Beast Tuner and one non-Tuner to summon. It has an ATK value of 2200 making it a decent offensive monster.

Once per turn, during your Main Phase, you can select 1 face-up monster your opponent controls. It loses 500 ATK for each monster you control, until the End Phase.

During the turn this effect is activated, no other monsters can attack, except this card. This makes it easy for this card to take out most monsters your opponent has, especially if you throw a few equip cards that boost its ATK.

Delta Flyer

A 3-star monster with decent ATK at 1500. It’s not too powerful but it is easy to summon and its effect heavily focuses on building for Synchro monsters.

Once per turn, you can select 1 other face-up monster you control and increase its Level by 1. By doing this, you can effectively build up another monster’s Level to the exact level you need for your desired Synchro Monster.

This monster is also a Tuner so you don’t need to worry about having one for the Synchro. Having some defensive traps is a good idea while having this card out in order to keep it on the field until you can Synchro Summon.

Gene-Warped Warwolf

A powerful 4-star monster with 2000 ATK points. It’s a Normal Monster so it has no effect to it and is strictly used for offense.

Because of this cards lack of effects it makes him a prime subject to be an Equip monster. Axe of Despair is a great choice giving an extra 1000 ATK points giving you a 4-star with 3000 ATK easily.

There are dozens of useful Equip cards that could be utilized with this Normal Monster. Mage Power, Black Pendant, and Riryoku are good examples of other Equip spells.

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