The Most Consistent Auto Farm Deck!

The Most Consistent Auto Farm Deck!

Auto-Duel is a function that unlocks for the player at Stage 6 . If you have no time to play or simply lack the motivation, it is the perfect tool to make sure you don’t fall behind whilst

not requiring you to pay any attention to the game. In this article, I will go over the #1 build for auto farming standard duelists!


The deck focuses on high attack beaters being able to keep the field clear until you can get a fusion summon on the field and it is fairly easy to build with the majority of cards required being obtainable from the card trader, or as in-game drops from legendary and standard duelists.

There is also no skill (Character skill or player skill!) required to run the deck, however, certain character skill’s can bump up your success rates such as Rex’s Dinosaur Kingdom or Tea’s Duel Standby.

Utilizing the ability of Thunder Dragon (To discard one of said card and draw 2 copies back) to easily summon Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon is the main strategy behind the deck. The dinosaur cards are ideal as beaters due to their high attack and ability to also fuse into Bracchio-Raidus as a mid level beater.

The rest of the cards are a mixture of substitute fusion monsters (They can be tributed as long as the other required fusion monster is also tributed), offensive spells/traps and the fusion cards themselves; Polymerization and Fusion Gate .

The Deck

20 Cards Total – 5 in Extra Deck

  1. Thunder Dragon (x3)

Card Trader

  1. Goddess with the Third Eye (x1)

Yami Yugi level 23 Reward

  1. Mystical Sheep #1 (x1)

Joey Wheeler level 14 Reward

  1. Versago the Destroyer (x1)

Seto Kaiba level 23 Reward

  1. High Attack Beater (x1)

1600 Attack or more

  1. Crawling Dragon #2 (x3)

All levels Rex Raptor drop

  1. Two-Headed King Rex (x3)

All levels Rex Raptor Drop

  1. Fusion Gate

Ultimate Rising pack

  1. Offensive/Defensive card (x2)

eg. Gravity Axe & Reinforcements

  1. Polymerization (x3)

An in-game look at the deck Joey level 5 reward & Card Trader

  1. Fusion Weapon (x1)

Neo Impact pack

  1. Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon (x2) Card Trader

  2. Bracchio-Raidus (x3)

*All levels Rex Raptor drop

Thunder Dragon, at least 1 Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon and at least 2 Polymerization are required for a level of consistency. The rest of the cards can be changed in and out depending on what is available to you however, it won’t be as consistent as the above deck. If your card pool lacks the dinosaur creatures, you can change them out for other fusion combinations like Faith Bird and Skull-Red Bird into Crimson Sunbird .

Since Ultimate Rising is out of the pack circulation Fusion Gate is currently unobtainable, however it is only used as a way to get more consistent fusions on the field. You could quite easily substitute it for a deck thinning card like Skelengel to allow you to pull a Polymerization easier.

If you do happen to have it though, use it!

The fusion substitute monsters (Goddess With The Third Eye , Mystical Sheep #1 and Versago The Destroyer ) are best used when you have multiple fusion monsters in your extra deck. If you lack the fusion’s then by all means substitute for high attack beaters, defensive cards (Enchanted Javelin , Embodiment of Apophis etc) or ideally Blue Dragon Summoner’s to help get Thunder Dragon into your hand.

Let’s Duel!

Once you have prepped the deck and are ready to go, simply jump into any duel in the duel world (Not the gate!) and click Auto-Duel in the right hand corner, then sit back and watch the deck do its thing! The deck has a very high win rate with the ideal setup and as shown is pretty lax on the requirements to build and with this setup it will easily see you into the very late stages with little to no effort.

Since the build is highly offensive there is little that can be done to counter it (Especially with Rex’s Dinosaur Kingdom ) , however a few of the more devious decks you’ll face as you climb the stage’s won’t be as forgiving. For example, Coin of Destiny ( Level 39 Standard Duelist) packs a whopping 3 Time Wizards! If RNG is not in your favor then this is one of the few builds that can shut you down.

It’s also worth noting that the AI will not fusion summon during the first round. If you draw a Thunder Dragon and Polymerization in your opening hand with no other monsters, it will refuse to fusion summon until round 2, which could potentially cost you the No Damage duel assessment bonus since you’ll have no defense.

It’s good practice to just take a quick glance at what you have drawn in the first round, and if needed wait until round 2 to activate Auto-Duel and manually play round 1.

Later down the road it would be wise to add in impactful cards like Pumprincess the Princess of Ghosts or Mirror Wall in exchange for the high attack beater and offensive/defensive optional slots, since cards like these are very powerful but hard to come by. Since this is a beatdown deck (Highly offensive), adding impactful cards is a great idea when you get to the point in the game that you have a good pool of cards.

Hopefully this article will of helped you to create an all mighty Auto-Duel deck, and you can catch up on Game of Thrones while farming some gate keys!

Until next time!

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