The Vagabond Dueling Guide

The Vagabond Dueling Guide


Hello duelists and welcome to the Vagabond Dueling Guide. This is designed to help those of you who are having trouble against the Vagabond. His challenge requirements can be a little difficult at times so we’re gonna break down a few techniques on how to beat this guy.

The Vagabond

The first thing to ask, who is The Vagabond? He is a mysterious duelist that shows up at random on the world screen. He’s a special duelist with specific challenges that change each time you duel him.

The challenges are designed to make the duel more difficult for you and some of them can be extremely difficult. But dueling The Vagabond is highly worth the effort.

He gives the most dueling experience out of any duelist so leveling up becomes real easy once you beat him a few times. Beating him is the major problem though and the real difficulty is that you never know what the challenge is going to be so you may be ill-prepared.

There are only a handful of challenges at the moment but all of them are different. Some are harder than others but all completely beatable.

Below is a list of the challenges the Vagabond offers to kind of give you an idea of what to look out for.

  • Small Monster Zones
  • Opening Hand with 3, 2, or 1 card
  • Opening life points at 1000
  • Duel with only 1 Spell/Trap zone
  • No monster effects
  • No special summons
  • Duel start with 3 spell/trap or monster cards on Vagabonds field

So as you can see the list of challenges isn’t too long but some of them far outclass the others in difficulty. So in order to be prepared for any of them, you’ll have to have a deck that’s pretty well balanced and able to help you in any situation.

Deck for Vagabond

Now I’ll start by saying this, no deck can beat every deck. It is impossible to make one deck that has an answer for everything and will win every time so get that out of your head right now.

It is possible, however, to build a deck that is well balanced and able to get you out of most situations. Many people play decks that run off themes or archetypes and that is completely fine.

I personally run a mixed deck that can cover a lot of situations that could prove dangerous. And that’s what I’m going to help you all with today.

The first thing for the Vagabond deck is going to be the deck skill because that’s really where a key component lies within beating him. You want a deck skill that’s going to assist you during one of his challenges and there are a few that do that.

LP Boost A, B, and Y– With these, you start the duel with more life points than usual making quick work of his only 1000 LP challenge.

Holy Guard – You take no battle damage during your turn. That’ll help against low LP challenges as well.

Duel, Standby! Start the duel with one extra card in your hand. Making it so no matter what challenge you’re in you’ll never start with just one card.

Restart This lets you shuffle your starting hand into the deck and redraw a new one. It completely negates the starting with x cards in hand challenges.

Draw Sense: High Level When your life points are decreased by 1800 points or more you can skip your draw phase and randomly draw a 7 star or higher monster. This comes in handy for one specific card you’ll put in your deck.

The skills above are the ones I recommend the most above all but there are others in the game that may fit your dueling style better. Now we’ll go over cards.

There are a few cards in the game that really help against the Vagabond in all around usefulness. Most of these can be put into any deck and but may take some time to get from buying packs.


An obvious choice. Good to have for any of the challenges but specifically his beginning with 3 Spells/Trap challenge.

Black Pendant and Gravity Axe Grarl

These two equip cards are highly helpful against the Vagabond deck and challenges. More so for the deck than the challenges themselves.

The Vagabond deck is full of cards with 1400 ATK or higher and a lot of them are 4 star and easy to summon. So it can be a little overwhelming to deal with so many powerful monsters.

Having some good equip cards to make it to where you can fight his power with power on an even playing field. And a 500 point boost is just enough to do that.

Gyaku-Gire Panda

Now this card is a real beast and that’s not a pun because of its type. Gyaku-Gire Panda is great because his effect boosts his ATK by 500 for every monster on your opponent’s side.

So that gives him an automatic defense against some weak monsters plus his secondary effect applies piercing damage. Piercing damage allows him to deal damage to monsters in defense mode as if they were in attack.

His attack boost is highly helpful and given some equip cards can make him a literally unstoppable beast.

Skelengel and Other Draw Cards

Now this is an obvious use of any deck but plays a little heavier into the Vagabond. Having draw cards in your deck will get rid of his pesky low starting hand challenge.

Skelengel is an easy one to get because on top of having the draw effect he can play your defenses as well. There are a handful of draw cards in the game so look out for them and pick which ones work best for you.

Tyrant Dragon and Cost Down

Now, this might be a bit of a newer card but it is definitely worth having for a Vagabond deck. Every deck has at least 2 powerful 7 or above monsters in their deck, yours only need one.

This is where Draw Sense: High Level comes in because this is going to be your only level 7 or higher monster. Quickly get it to your hand then you can work on getting it on the field.

Tyrant Dragon is a big 2 monster tribute but that’s for Cost Down. knock that tribute down to one and get him on the field. The reason you want Tyrant Dragon is for first two effects.

When he destroys a monster he gets to attack again immediately after making him a massive field wiping powerhouse. But his second effect makes him immune to and trap cards that target him.

So not only will he take care of the Vagabonds monsters but he completely eliminates most of his traps as well. He is the best powerful monster to have for the Vagabond but will take some time to get because he is an Ultra Rare.

With the cards above and the suggested duel skills you should be on your way to building a well balanced Vagabond deck. Just make sure you keep the monster to spell/trap card ratio pretty even cause you don’t wanna lose a duel from being unable to play anything.

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