Top 10 Best Cards from Wonder’s of the Sky Pack

Top 10 Best Cards from Wonder’s of the Sky Pack


Hello friends and welcome to the Top 10 Wonder’s of the Sky Cards list. This is going to go over the top 10 best cards in Wonder’s of the Sky and give some good card combinations to make them more useful. Let’s get started.


Number 10. Big Bang Shot

The first card on this list is the spell card Big Bang Shot. It’s an Equip spell and a pretty good one especially if you’re running a powerful monster.

Big Bang Shot grants the equipped monster 400 ATK and gives them piercing damage which means if they attack a Defense monster the difference between the ATK and DEF is taken out of their life points. So on a powerful monster it’s a pretty good advantage.

The only downside is that when the equipped monster is destroyed it’s banished instead of sent to the graveyard. So you gotta pick wisely what monster to use it on. Honestly anything over 1900 ATK is a great candidate for this spell.



Number 9. Bee List Soldier

Bee List Soldier is our next card and for a more specific reason. His effect is simple, by tributing Bee List and another insect that isn’t Bee List you can draw 2 cards.

If you’re running an insect deck that means you can potential get 6 extra card draws if you have 3 Bee List Soldiers in your deck. He’s a great card to get cards to your hand faster and get you to those powerful monsters you’ve got.

So if you’re running an insect deck Bee List Soldier is a great support card for getting stuff to your hand. He’s also helpful as cannon fodder if you need something to protect your empty field for a turn.


Number 8. Chaosrider Gustaph

Number 8 is Chaosrider Gustaph who can become a great heavy attacker depending how he’s used. Once per turn you can remove from play 2 spell cards in your graveyard and Gustaph gains 300 ATK points for each until your opponents next end phase.

That can bump him up from 1400 ATK to 2000 ATK real quickly and for 2 turns. But if you wanna make it more effective? Gustaph is a great card for Big Bang Shot giving him that added 400 ATK points.

With Big Bang Shot giving him 1800 ATK his effect can bump him up to 2400 ATK plus piercing damage with BBS. So these two are a great combo team together, especially if you’re running a deck over flowing with spells that you can spare.


Number 7. Chaos Greed

Now this card is a little interesting because it is highly situational but very fitting for the pack it’s in. Wonder’s of the Sky is filled with card effects that remove cards from play.

Whether it’s banishing from the field or removing from the graveyard there are a lot of those effects in these cards. Chaos Greed is the perfect card for a deck built with this packs cards.

With Chaos Greed, if yo have 4 or more cards removed from play and you have nothing in your graveyard you get an automatic 2 card draw. That basically means every time you play a WOTS card that banishes or removes cards, Chaos Greed is gonna be there to refill your hand.

And since you can have up to 3 of them it’ll be super easy to get a 6 card draw depending on how you plan things out. Just make sure you don’t end up losing cause of deck out.


Number 6. Rising Energy

Rising Energy is 100% used for a power boost card in a tight spot when you need it. Discard 1 card and boost one monsters ATK by 1500 until the end phase.

This is one of those “Win the game” cards you use at the last second. It’s the last turn and you can attack but if you just had a couple more attack points you’d win the game. That’s when you flip this trap and claim victory.

It’s also great with combos like Gustaph and Big Bang Shot. Just stack power onto power for a final turn move and you’ve pretty much got an easy win regardless of what monster they have out attack or defense.


Number 5. Diskblade Rider

Similar to Chaosrider Gustaph, Diskblade Rider has a related effect but far more useful. Once per turn you can banish 1 normal trap card from your graveyard giving Diskblade a 500 point ATK boost.

That’ll bring him up from 1700 to 2200 until the end of your opponents next turn. Remember the combo with Gustaph? Works for Diskblade Rider too.

Throw Big Bang Shot on him for that bonus 400 then slap the extra 500 on him. If you got a deck full of normal traps you can keep tossing them to boost his power every turn you get and keep the field clear.

With Gustaph and Diskblade you can potentially control the entire field and decide which way the duel is going to go. And of course you wanna decide that it goes in your favor.


Number 4. Sonic Duck

Now this choice may confuse a lot of people. Number 4 being a plain old normal 3 star monster with nothing special about it.

Why is this card so high up on the list? Why is it even on the list? It’s the definition of potential that’s why.

Sonic Duck is a 3 star normal monsters with a base attack of 1700. That is extremely high for a 3 star monster and especially a normal one.

So what do we do with a monster this easy to summon with that kind of attack? We use its lack of effect to our advantage and equip it with the best cards you can muster.

Big Bang Shot has been showcased a lot on this list and for good reason, it’s why it’s on this list. Giving the piercing effect is a great use for Sonic Duck.

But along with Big Bang Shot you can throw in things like Rising Energy, Gravity Axe, Black Pendant, really just any 3 equip cards that’ll boost Sonic Duck up in attack because he is a one turn power house card.

Summon him with no tribute and have 3 equips ready in your hand. Play them all down and in that first turn guaranteed Sonic Duck is the strongest monster for the rest of the duel.


Number 3. Kujakujaku

Now this card is built around the WIND Attribute theme that Wonder’s of the Sky has going in it. Kujakujaku is an amazing Wind deck support card.

Whenever it’s used for a Tribute you can add 1 level 4 Wind monster from your deck or graveyard to your hand. And you can use Kujakujaku’s effect once per turn.

So if you build a Wind based deck and throw 3 KujaKujaku inside of it you not only have a monster built for tribute summoning but you have a card to get some of the better 4 star wind monsters in your hand. Support effects are the basis of duel monsters and Kujakujakus is one of the best for Wind decks.


Number 2. That Wacky Magic!

Now what we’re looking at here is what I like to call a duel ending card. This is the kind of card you keep in your hand until the very last turn when you know you can win with it.

That Wacky Magic lets you banish all the spell cards in your graveyard in order to destroy all face up monsters your opponent controls with DEF that is less than or equal to the number of spells banished X 300.

Which means 1 spell is 300, 2 is 600, 3 is 900 and so on. So if you banish 7 spell cards which honestly is very easy to get that many spells in one duel you are looking at 2100 DEF.

Not many monsters have that high of defense so you play this card and wipe your opponents field clean. Then you attack with everything you got on your field and take them out.

That Wacky Magic! Is 100% a duel ending card and all you gotta do is hold onto it until you know you’ve got the means to win.


Number 1. B. Skull Dragon

Now this card could be argued for why it’s number 1 on this list when there are cards like The Atmosphere and Desert Twister. But B. Skull Dragon goes by the same logic that Sonic Duck does.

B. Skull Dragon is a power house fusion with 3200 base attack but no effect. Which means with the right equip cards you can give him an effect if need be.

But honestly he’s number 1 because out of the Wonder’s of the Sky list there really is no comparison when it comes to strategical power. If you can manage to fuse this monster and get it out you’ve practically won the duel right there.

It would take a hell of a lot for your opponent to take it out through attacks. They’d have to be prepared for a move like that with spells or traps and if they’re not expecting it then you basically have all the control.

B. Skull Dragon is a classic monster that used to be one of the strongest there was and to this day still stands as that especially if you know how to use him right. That’s why he’s number 1 because out of all the cards in this pack he has the best strategical power.

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