[Top] 10 Cards You Should Get After The Discontinued Card Boxes

[Top] 10 Cards You Should Get After The Discontinued Card Boxes


Welcome to this list of top 10 cards you should get after the discontinued card boxes . This is a list showing which cards you should try to get in order to optimize your gems to make good decks for online matches.

10 – Skull Lair – Valkyrie’s Rage

We start this list with this trap card that can be underrated due to be a Rare card but that works very well in any deck because you use cards that are in your graveyard to apply its effect.

If you have monster cards in your graveyard, you can banish the number of monsters equal to the level of the monster card in the field that you want to destroy.

Some good examples where you can use this tech card is against Relinquished because you can activate the trap effect and banish only 1 monster from your graveyard to destroy this level one card. Also, it’s a good addition to Relinquished deck itself to destroy enemy cards that could battle your Relinquished without an equipped monster.

9 – Burning Land – Valkyrie’s Rage

This continuous spell card is used in some top decks right now like Tea Burn and Weevil Burn due the 500 damage at the start of the turn after this card is activated. Also, it destroys any field spell cards that were on the field and that protects it from being destroyed by Harpie’s Hunting Ground effect.

While it’s a good card to lower your opponent’s life points, it can be a double edge tactic if you have low life points or if you receive damage from your opponent because the card effect also affects you in the start of your turn.

If you have cards to defend yourself from attacks like Big Shield Gardna or Cocoon of Evolution, this card effect can be deadly if your opponent doesn’t have a way to destroy it.

8 – Birdface – Wonders of the Sky

While this card alone does not have good stats with 1600 attack and defense, its effect made it appear in this list. When this card is sent to the graveyard as a result of a battle, you can add one “Harpie Lady” card from your deck to your hand.

Also you can improve its stats by spell fields that boost winged beast or wind monsters like Mountain or Mai´s Harpies High Ground field spell cards, also can be boosted by Harpie lady 1 and that makes it a must have to any variant of Harpies deck.

Only downside is that if it’s send to graveyard by card effects it won’t be able to activate its effect, so keep that in mind when using this card.

7 – Jerry Beans Man – Neo Impact

This monster card was the highest damage normal monster that can be summoned without tributes before Dunames Dark Witch appeared in Valkyrie’s Rage box but that doesn’t mean that it’s a weak one with its 1,750 attack.

Thanks that it’s a level 3 card, is not affected by 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom effect and also if it’s in the graveyard can be used as tribute fodder by banishing it from the graveyard along other 2 wind monster cards to special summon Desert Twister due that it’s a earth element card, that makes it a good addition to Harpies deck that runs this strategy.

But with that high attack comes a downside with its 0 defense points. That means that if the enemy uses any card that changes its battle position can be easily destroyed even by a Sphere Kuriboh! Although that won’t be wise but it’s a possibility. Also your opponent can steal it with Possessed Dark Soul.

6 – Wild Tornado – Valkyrie’s Rage

Number six in the list is Wild Tornado, a trap card that is very useful in Odion Bluff trap deck or to counter Mai’s Harpie Hunting Ground Effect. Also can be used with HHG effect to your benefit because this card can destroy 1 face up spell or trap card and when this card is destroyed you can select 1 face up card on the field and destroy it.

The combo with Odion Bluff is to have a Statue of the Wicked set in your trap cards thanks to Bluff Trap skill and with Wild Tornado already set, destroy both with Storm to destroy the enemy trap/spell cards equal to the traps you destroyed from your side, destroy a monster in field with Wild Tornado effect and special summon a Wicked Token from Statue of the Wicked that can be used as tribute fodder.

This card alone can help a lot to win a game because has different ways to play around it that will always benefit you even if it’s countered by a Sergeant Electro or Xing Zhen Hu.

5 – Sonic Duck – Wonders of the Sky

Now we have this monster card that can be obtained easily due that is a Rare card, so the box has several copies that we can get without the need to reset the box.

This card is used in almost any beater deck because with its 1700 attack and that is a level 3 monster, can destroy most low-level monsters in defense position and if we add that is a winged beast/wind element card, can be boosted with field spells like Harpies Hunting Ground.

Due that it’s a normal monster and is not affected by Curse of Anubis trap card that is often used in Keith Clowns deck, that way it can’t be used to change its attack position, also it can be used with Order to Charge to destroy any potential threats and can be used as tribute fodder to special summon Desert Twister.

The only downside with this card is that can be easily destroyed by Skull Lair effect or stealed by Possessed Dark Soul.

4 – Divine Wrath – Valkyrie’s Rage

Now we are close to the toplist and to begin we have this great counter trap card Divine Wrath.

Its effect allow us to negate a monster effect and destroys it by the price of 1 discarded card from our hand.

This could sound like a bad -1 in the beginning but it’s a game changing card that can deny the effect of Relinquished and even destroys it! That means that a deck that focus only in this strategy falls just by this card.

Not only that but can also negate the effect of Levia-Dragon-Daedalus, 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom, Sphere Kuriboh, Dream Clown, etc; So this card comes handy for those who like to counter meta decks instead of playing them.

3 – Sergeant Electro – Flame of the Tyrant

In position 3 of this list we have this monster card that does not shine for its stats with 1600 attack and 1300 defense, but for its effect: Once per turn; You can target 1 face down spell or trap in your opponent’s field and while this card is in the field, its targets cannot be activated.

This card can force your opponent to activate for example a Mirror Wall, Windstorm of Etaqua, Enemy Controller before he wanted to activate it or to make other cards useless like Trap Jammer, Michizure or The Golden Apples because when the condition is met, your opponent won’t be able to activate them.

In decks like Keith Clowns, Pegasus Mind Scan or any beater deck works pretty well allowing you to not be surprised by a Mirror Wall while attacking or by The Golden Apples when you thought you were winning.

2 – Soul Exchange – Valkyrie’s Rage

This is by far one of the best spells available to get that has a great impact in any match that is used. You can target 1 monster that you opponent controls; if you tribute a monster that turn, you must use that monster as tribute and you can’t conduct your Battle Phase that turn.

For example if you don’t have any monster on the field and you use this spell to tribute summon any 6 or 5 level monster, you not only clear an opponent monster from the field, but also avoid the danger that your monster could be destroyed by an Order to Charge.

This card works perfect in Gravekeeper’s deck thanks that you can summon a Gravekeeper’s Chief with your opponent’s monster using this card and Special Summon any “Gravekeeper’s” monster from the Graveyard.

1 – Mirror Wall – Neo Impact

Now we have this card that is one of the strongest trap card that you can get right now, it works perfect in any deck and can make you win games if the opponent doesn’t have a Trap Jammer to counter it when it’s activated in Battle Phase or a Sergeant Electro before it’s activated.

In the moment this trap card is activated and while is face up in the field, if any of your opponent monsters attacks, its attack is halved. If you want to keep the effect on till your next turn, you must pay 2000 life points or it´s destroyed.

This card is so powerful and feared that when you set a card in the spell/trap zone, the opponent will fear that is a Mirror Wall, so remember to use the toggle activation option to don’t let your opponent know that you have this card set until you activate it in Battle Phase.

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