[Top 10] Chaotic Compliance Cards to Look Out For

[Top 10] Chaotic Compliance Cards to Look Out For


Hey there, ladies and gents. If you came to see which cards you should be shooting for in the newest card pack, you’ve come to the right place. Chaotic Compliance brings plenty of game-changers to the table. Most notably, Gemini decks are being pushed to the forefront of viability, with huge boons for fusion and ritual decks alike. So without further ado, let’s get into it:


#10: Seven Tools of the Bandit

At first glance, this card seems like an overrated version of Trap Jammer, with the 1000 LP cost looking fairly unattractive. However, as the name implies, Seven Tools is unique in that it is not restricted to the Battle Phase, giving it the versatility to counter and negate literally any trap.

Examples include negating Divine Wraths to save your Oracles and Relinquished, or Xing Zhen Hu’s and Straight Flushes to protect your backline. The omnipresent Mirror Walls and Windstorms are also no problem, along with the occasional Michizure.

Perhaps the most important use of this versatility is the ability to completely stop the momentum of Clown decks. Desert Sunlight or Curse of Anubis tend to pop the instant you summon a monster, so Trap Jammer is not sufficient. 1000 LP is a small price to pay for being able to steamroll through Mr. Dream Clown.


#9: Fusion Sage

Fairly straightforward. Increases the odds of starting with a Poly even further, with the added effect of thinning your deck. Being able to search such a crucial card strengthens PvP and PvE decks alike. For those without two Fusion Gates, you can use a Fusion Sage, Fusion Gate, and 3 Poly’s to complete their Balance Fusion auto-dueling decks.


#8: Branch!

A huge disadvantage to using Fusion decks was that if your beater got destroyed, you’d be defenseless. Branch helps to swing the tempo back in your favor by immediately bringing back one the the materials used.

For Fusion monsters that use 6 star or higher materials, this is essentially a workaround for tribute summoning them regularly, making the Raptinus, Darkstorm, Branch combo very powerful. More on this further down.


#7: Sorcerous Spell Wall

The effects of this card might seem familiar, as it’s essentially Banner of Courage and Yellow Luster Shield combined into a single card. If this wasn’t reason enough to pick up this card, it’s also a Field Spell, meaning your backline won’t be cluttered in the slightest, as well as giving extra ammo for Storm.

Suddenly, your Dunames Dark Witch hits for a whopping 2100 ATK. Electro now has a usable 1900 ATK, and so on. A welcomed boost for beatdown decks, or any deck that doesn’t already use a Field Spell. However, keep in mind the stats are only applied during their respective phases, ATK while attacking and vice versa.


#6: Superalloy Beast Raptinus

Chaotic Compliance introduced several new toys for Gemini decks, with Raptinus leading the charge. He’s the only Fusion monster of his kind in that his materials can be ANY two monsters from an entire type, making him extremely versatile.

While his combat stats are nothing incredible, it’s his effect that completely overturns the meta in favor of Geminis. The one drawback that kept Geminis from being viable was the extra turn required to re-summon them as Effect Monsters.

Raptinus throws this wait time out the window, opening up a variety of combos that weren’t possible before. Goggle Golem hits 2100 ATK straight out of the gate. Blazewing Butterfly can be tributed to immediately revive one of the materials used to fuse Raptinus. The list goes on.


#5: Darkstorm Dragon

At first, the need for two tributes may be a turnoff, but remember Geminis have a number of handy workarounds, most notably Blazewing Butterfly. Comboing with Raptinus, Darkstorm Dragon can immediately hit the field via Butterfly. His combat stats are great, sitting at a hefty 2700/2500.

Most importantly, Darkstorm brings unparalleled backline destruction to the meta. By sac’ing Branch, for example, the entire enemy backline is wiped, leaving you free to attack directly.

However, the cons to this are that the effect destroys ALL spell/traps, including your own, so use responsibly. Also, the spell/trap used as a sacrifice MUST be face up, aka a continuous spell/trap or equip spell, limiting your backline options.


#4: Magic Drain

A huge step up from Magic Jammer, this card presents a lose-lose scenario for your opponent. Their spell either gets negated entirely, or they must waste a second spell for the effect to go through. This is the exact opposite of Magic Jammer, which requires you to discard a card.

This is key in a meta that sees widespread Relinquished and Enemy Controller usage, helping you maintain momentum at all times. Has the potential for a tempo swing should you counter Order to Charge, either saving your monster or causing your opponent to lose both a monster AND another spell.

Multiple Magic Drain copies would ensure that your opponent will eventually run out of spell cards to discard, rendering their remaining spells useless.


#3: Destructotron

Takes Sergeant Electro’s job and raises it to a whole new level in terms of backline disruption. Rather than just pin spells/traps down, Destructotron offers wholesale destruction at the cost of 1000 LP a pop.

Alternatively, you can combo with Brain Research Lab to wipe your opponent’s backline for 0 immediate cost. Can also pair with Telekinetic Shocker for protection, discouraging further Sets. Although 1600 ATK might seem paltry combined with the self-destruct effect, the pressure Destructotron offers is not to be ignored.


#2: Symbols of Duty

For any deck using an abundance of Normal monsters, calling this card a game-changer is an understatement. For the cost of one Normal monster you now have access to ANY monster that’s been destroyed thus far.

That Relinquished that you took out earlier? He’s yours now.

Killed one of Mai’s Harpie’s? Bring it back and nuke HHG with its own effect.

Pinned down by Mask of the Accursed? Take a quick detour to the Graveyard and come back good as new. 

Venus decks can use this card in conjunction with Orders to Charge, making Mystical Shine Balls that much more useful.

Keep in mind this card is tied to the monster you revive. Symbols of Duty itself is susceptible to targeting, such as by Twister, Wild Tornado, or HHG, and takes up a slot in your backline. Use responsibly.


#1: Double Summon

Reminiscent of the early days of the Yugioh anime, this card completely screws the rules in your favor. As the name states, you can summon not once, but TWICE. You thought Legion of the Fiend Jester gave momentum?

Here’s a list of things you can do in a SINGLE turn:

  • Summon a Gravekeeper’s Oracle, nuke the frontline
  • Summon a Recruiter, then a Chief, revive the Recruiter, then add an Oracle to your pocket for next turn
  • Immediately tribute an Angler for Daedalus
  • Drop Senju, drop Sonic Bird, then finish with Relinquished for a 3 vs 0 tempo swing
  • Flood the field with two Guardian Statues, making it virtually impossible for your opponent to continue
  • Rush a Dream Clown with two monsters. Desert Sunlight can’t kill em both
  • Blitz with two Harpies, then Sisters for triple backline destruction

Need I say more? What are you waiting for? Get this card ASAP.


Honorable Mentions

  • Gale Lizard: Hane-Hane but with a little more punch
  • Assault on GHQ: a mill deck’s best friend
  • Planet Pathfinder: can search Fusion Gate
  • Gift of the Martyr: makes Piranha farm decks much more efficient
  • Master of Oz: power that rivals BEUD while only needing 2 materials
  • Black Luster Soldier / Gateway to Chaos: Searches out a 3000 ATK beater while also providing appropriate Ritual Spells. Consider running Black Luster/Relinquished in tandem.

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