Top 10 Ineffective Yu Gi Oh Cards to Date

Top 10 Ineffective Yu Gi Oh Cards to Date


Welcome friends to the top 10 most Ineffective Yugioh Cards to Date. This is a list showing 10 of the least used or useless cards in Duel Links. Now this list isn’t saying these 10 cards are horrible and unusable just showing the lesser side of the game.


Number 10. Shien’s Spy

Shien’s Spy is number 10 simply because of the specific uses for its effect. Shiens spy makes it so you give control of one of your monsters to your opponent until the end phase.

Honestly there are very few combos this card is useful for especially with the time frame it gives. You give up one monster to your opponent but only for the turn you used the card on.

So you can’t use it for a monster’s effect on your opponents side and you can’t use it to trick into a tribute or anything like that. It’s just a kind of wasteful card in my opinion.

Number 9. Symbol of Friendship

Number 9 is the spell card Symbol of Friendship. Now this card isn’t inherently bad just more of an unneeded hassle for its effect.

To use this card you have to draw it normally through your normal draw phase while your opponent has 3 monsters and you have zero. Only then can you play it then wait for your main phase 1, then you can add any card from your deck to your hand.

Now the end effect is nice cause you get any card you want in your hand. But all the requirements for this card to activate that effect is highly ineffective.

Number 8. Skelengel

Our number 8 is Skelengel a low level monster with a very basic effect. There are quite a few cards in the game that allow you to draw 1 or more cards.

Skelengel really isn’t bringing anything special to the table with his set up. His defense is really to low to be any kind of effective defense.

And yes his flip effect to draw 1 card can be good for that extra card but there’s no real effectiveness to linking that effect with a weak monster. You’re basically trading a card for a card with Skelengel.

Number 7. Reaper of the Cards

Now here is a card that has always left a bad taste in my mouth. Reaper of the Cards is a 5 star monster with the odd ATK of 1380. First problem is the star level to attack points, personally anything below 1800 being a 5 star is out of the question.

You shouldn’t have to tribute a monster to play a weak monster and yes it can be argued that his defense is well rounded for a 5 star but the effect given isn’t worth it.

With his effect you can select 1 Trap on the field and destroy it but if its face down and a spell card it’s flipped and returned to its original position. So his effect is useless for his level and attack points.

Plus for a lower requirement you can always just use Trap Master with the exact same effect. Lower attack but doesn’t require a tribute to be used.

Number 6. The Inexperienced Spy

Number 6 is the spell card The Inexperienced Spy which is kind of just a simple use with no effectiveness card. You select one random card in your opponents hand and get to see it.

The useful of this is completely random because you don’t know what card you’re picking. So you could end up seeing your opponents end game card that would win them the duel.

Or you’ll get just a random card that affects absolutely nothing. It’s really just a filler card to throw out there.

Number 5. The Cheerful Coffin

Number 5 is Cheerful Coffin and this card is here because it really only has one obvious use. The Cheerful Coffin lets you discard 3 monsters from your hand to the graveyard.

This effect is useless unless you’re running Shadow Ghoul. With out Shadow Ghoul there is no effective way for this card to be useful.

Number 4. Final Destiny

This card is a very situational use and that’s why it’s Number 4. Final Destiny makes you discard 5 cards from your hand to destroy all cards on the field.

It really isn’t a useful effect by any means simply because it leaves you wide open. You can clear the field of any strong monsters you opponent has but then what?

You’re left with no cards and at the mercy of drawing one card at a time while your opponent keeps their hand. All it does is leave you wide open.

Number 3. The Humble Sentry

The Humble Sentry is another one of those highly situational cards. It’s effect lets you reveal your hand then take one card and shuffle it into your deck.

The usefulness of this effect is so slight it’s really hard to find a good card combo for it. There really is no best case scenario with The Humble Sentry so for Duel Links it’s really not usable.

Number 2. Eatgaboon

Our number 2 is Eatgaboon a very situational almost impossible card to use simply because of your opponents deck. It destroys a summoned monster whose attack is 500 or less.

It’s a very rare card for use because not many players run cards with less than 500 attack. So the chance of you using it is very unlikely in terms of it being useful in a deck.

Number 1. Parasitic Ticky

Now the number 1 is in this slot simply because of it being a monster with an extremely situational use. Parasitic Ticky gains 500 attack for ever token on the field.

The reason it’s number 1 is because in Duel Links there are two huge factors that make this card almost useless. The lack of token cards and being limited to 3 monster zones.

Duel Links has very few token cards making it hard enough to get Ticky attack points and best case scenario he ends up with 1000 attack. Counting on your opponent to play tokens as well for the boost isn’t a good strategy.

So having both those restrictions on him makes him a highly ineffective card and nearly useless. Hopefully they’ll add more token based cards later to make him more usable.

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