Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Top 10 Monster Cards for Beginners

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Top 10 Monster Cards for Beginners
Hello, friends and welcome to the top 10 monster cards for beginners. This is going to be a list of the top 10 MC’s for you new players to put into your decks. These cards can either be farmed from duelists in the world or gotten from the card trader so you should have no trouble getting your hands on them.

Number 10. Kiseitai

Kiseitai is number 10 on this list and its a very small but good start. Kiseitai is a 2 star monster with 300 ATK and 800 DEF.

Now he’s not really meant to be a powerhouse and he isn’t going to help you much in defense. His biggest purpose is his effect.

When attacked, Kiseitai equips itself to the attacking monster. Then every standby phase you gain life points equal to half of the equipped monsters attack.

So setting Kiseitai up against a powerful monster is the best way to play him. Wait til your opponent uses something with 1500 or more ATK points.

And to further your life point gain, even more, combo Kiseitai with cards that have a crazy high defense. Big Shield Gardna is a good example.

Get Kiseitai equipped to a monster and let your high defense monster just sit and guard you while you gain life points every turn. It’s a great strategy to use when you need to stall for the cards you want or you desperately need to up your life points.

Number 9. Alligator’s Sword

Our number 9 slot is Aligator’s Sword, a 4-star monster with 1500 ATK and 1200 attack. He’s a good card to have for his natural attack power and being so easy to summon.

Having monsters with 1500 or more ATK in your deck is a great goal to have and Alligator’s Sword is one of the best. By himself, he’s good to have but give him a few equip cards and he can become a powerful force.

A good equip is Gravity Axe – Grarl. It boosts the monsters ATK by 500 points and makes it so your opponent’s monsters can’t change their battle position.

So it makes it real easy for Alligator’s sword to do some real damage. Plus he can fuse with Baby Dragon to make Alligator’s Sword Dragon, and fusions are just nice to have.

Number 8. Agido

Agido is our number 8 spot and for a very specific reason. Agido is a 4-star monster with 1500 ATK and 1300 DEF so much like Alligator’s Sword it’s a good monster to have for easy summon and decent attack.

The real reason you’d want Agido is because of its effect. When destroyed you roll a six-sided die and depending on what you roll you can special summon a Fairy-type monster with that number level from your graveyard.

So having Agido used as a way to summon other monsters you’ve already lost if you have a few Fairys in your deck. Or if you get lucky and roll a six you can use it to special summon a high-level monster from the graveyard instead of having to tribute.

Good cards to use with Agido are ones that allow you to discard from your hand. Using that to get the exact monster you want out is the best way.

Discard the monster, let Agido take the hit, then replace him with the selected monster. But it’s a risky move cause it’s all based on a dice roll so you gotta plan it out perfectly.

Number 7. Royal Knight

Number 7 is Royal Knight a 3- star fairy monster with 1300 ATK and 800 DEF. He’s not the most powerful monster out there but his effect is one worth having.

When Royal Knight destroys a monster and sends it to the graveyard you gain life points equal to the destroyed monsters defense. So it’s a double gain having a monster that can destroy weaker cards and gain life points at the same time.

But give Royal Knight the right cards and you can use him to defeat stronger monsters and get an even higher life point gain. Build your deck with equip cards like Gravity Axe or Black Pendant anything with a 500 or more ATK gain.

Build up Royal Knight enough and he’ll be a force to be reckoned with that also has a bonus life point gain. Used correctly this card can be unstoppable.

Number 6. Mucus Yolk

Mucus Yolk is an interesting card that a lot of people glaze over due to its low attack power. It has absolutely no ATK and only 100 DEF.

But its effect is what’s incredibly useful and used right can become one of the strongest cards in the game. Mucus Yolk can attack your opponent directly even if they have monsters on the field.

Every time it successfully attacks it gains 1000 ATK. So the first attack does nothing but you gain 1000 but there are cards to fix that!

Throw Black Pendant on Mucus Yolk for that first attack and bump him up to 1500 and just go from there. His effect lasts as long as he remains on the field so get some cards to defend him.

Banner of Courage and Reinforcements are good cards for that. Giving him an extra boost in attack so when it’s attacked you can be sure it survives.

Number 5. Familiar Knight

Half way done and our half way mark is the Familiar Knight. A 3-star with 1200 ATK and 1400 DEF a small monster level with some very decent ATK and DEF.

Familiar Knight alone is a good monster to have just for that alone but his effect is good to have as well. When he’s destroyed each player can special summon a 4-star monster from their hand.

I don’t really need to explain how much of a good thing this effect is. If you have cards like Battle Ox or Axe Raider in your deck, monsters with 1700 or more ATK and you’re set.

You can special summon a heavy hitter with his effect then get a second monster out next turn with your normal summoning. So Familiar Knight is great for setting up your field.

Number 4. Jigen Bakudan

So our number 4 is kind of an acquired taste some may not agree should be this high but I enjoy the risk and reward of this card. Jigen Bakudan is a weak little guy with 200 ATK and 1000 DEF and he is absolutely only here for his effect.

When flipped you tribute Jigen Bakudan during your standby phase. When you do you destroy all the monsters on your side of the field and deal damage to your opponent equal to half of the combined ATK of all monsters destroyed.

Now here’s where the taste comes in. Clearing your whole field isn’t always a good idea cause it leaves you wide open and you’re destroying your own monsters.

But play Jigen Bakudan and have two powerful monsters on the field as well. Have them all destroyed and take a nice chunk out of your opponents life points.

Then once your field is clear throw down whatever monsters you have in your hand for defense. A great strategy to add to this is to have damage cards like Raimei and Hinotama that just deal automatic damage to your opponent. It’s a good way to widdle them down.

Number 3. Flash Assailant

Now we’re into the top 3 and this spot goes to Flash Assailant. You can get him from the Card Trader and he’s a 4 star with a heavy hit behind him.

Flash Assailant has a base ATK and DEF of 2000 making him one of the strongest 4-stars in the game. But his effect is kind of a heavy drawback.

This card’s ATK and Def is decreased by 400 for every card you have in your hand. So he can be taken down to a very weak level very quickly.

An easy way around this is to have your deck clean of overstocking 5-star and up. You don’t wanna be stuck with cards you can’t use in your hand.

Play any spells you have and set any traps you can just keep your hand clean. Of course, it’s a little harder from the game only having 3 slots for monsters and Spells/Traps but honestly, if you keep his ATK at 2000 for a few turns the duel will be over before it becomes a problem.

Number 2. Thunder Dragon

Number 2 goes to the 5-star monster Thunder Dragon. Now this card isn’t entirely good by itself but when fused it has one of the highest ATK in the game.

With its effect, you can discard it from your hand to add two Thunder Dragons from your deck to your hand. That’s an automatic jump start to fusing the two monsters.

So if you already have Polymerization and 1 Thunder Dragon use the effect then get to fusing. Twin Headed Thunder Dragon has a massive 2800 ATK points and is easy to get out with Thunder Dragons effect.

Now I could have easily put Twin Headed Thunder Dragon as our number 2 spot but being a Fusion monster with no effect it takes a little work to get him out. That’s why Thunder Dragon takes it instead to because it is built to get the fusion out.

Number 1. Blue Eyes White Dragon/Dark Magician.

Okay now this one was an absolute no brainer. To anyone who has played the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG or watched the show growing up you most likely knew what Number 1 was going to be.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Dark Magician have always been two of the strongest monsters in the game. Even with newer rules in the TCG where they are majorly outclassed by newer cards they are still viable in decks currently running in circulation.

And that’s the best part about Duel Links is that is plays heavily off of the old style of the game before all the OTK decks and summon spam decks were a thing. So Blue Eyes and Dark Magician are the kings of Duel Links.

And the best part is you start off with both of these guys from the very beginning. Whether you pick Yugi or Kaiba at the start you get both of these cards regardless.

That’s why I have them sharing the top spot simply because you start with them both, they are both signature cards, and there are so many card combos you can play with these guys it’s just an easy thing to give them the top spot.

So no matter what deck you’re making make a spot for one of these two cards. Blue eyes is the stronger of the two with 3000 ATK making it more enticing

But Dark Magician is just slightly below with 2500 ATK but has more support cards it can use. Spells like Dark Magic Attack to clear your opponent’s spells and traps and Thousand Knives to destroy an opponent’s monster instantly.

So either of these guys is great to have and worth having in your deck. I hope this top 10 gave you some ideas of what cards you should look out for while you play.

Until next time kiddies!


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