Top 5 Card Combos for Seto Kaiba

Top 5 Card Combos for Seto Kaiba


Seto Kaiba is one of the first two characters you can obtain in Duel Links. The starter deck you get with him is nothing special but it immediately gets you a Blue-Eyes White Dragon which is a staple card for him.

We’re going to go over five different card combos that work best with Seto Kaiba. These are going to include the abilities he gets through level up to show which cards work best for him.

A lot of these combos will be focused around the Blue-Eyes because of it being Kaiba’s signature card. So there will be plenty of combos in this to make Blue-Eyes a viable card compared to some of the other new Dragons that have come out recently.

These are in no particular order of worth.

Top 5 Card Combos

Note: I think it goes without saying that the Peak Performance skill goes with all of these combos.

Lord of D. and The Flute of Summoning Dragon

One of the most basic combos for Kaiba is between these two cards. All Kaiba decks should focus around Dragon monsters and this card combo is a staple.

Lord of D. has the effect to make all Dragon monsters immune to card effects. That is a great defense for any other Dragons on the field and it helps with the combo.

The Flute of Summoning Dragon can only be used when Lord of D. is on the field. It allows you Special Summon and 2 Dragon-type monsters from your hand.

This combo is a way to get your powerful dragons out on the field. It’s mostly used to summon two Blue-Eyes White Dragon monsters but it can be used for any Dragon type.

Versago the Destroyer,Blue-Eyes White Dragon, The Melody of Awakening Dragon, and Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

This combo is based on making it a little easier to summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. It taking three Blue-Eyes is what makes it so difficult to get out.

Having Versago as a stand-in removes the use of needing three Blue-Eyes. So if you’re someone who only has two of them this is a simple combo for you to add to your deck.

But if you’re someone with all three Blue-Eyes there is an addition to this combo.  The Melody of Awakening Dragon makes summoning this card a whole lot easier.

The big difficulty is the fact that it needs three monsters to summon it. And those three monsters just so happen to be Blue-Eyes that you need all at the same time.

With The Melody of Awakening Dragon you can discard a card then get two Dragon-type monsters with 3000 ATK or more and 2500 DEF or less from your deck to your hand. It’s a card built to get you two Blue-Eyes in one turn.

Now all you need to have is the third Blue-Eyes before you use this card and a Polymerization. This makes it much easier to get this powerhouse fusion out onto the field.

Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and Mausoleum of White

A great monster pair that makes it very easy to get these powerful cards on the field. The trick is getting off the Synchro Summon for Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon.

Once Azure-Eyes has been summoned his effect is essential for a Dragon deck. His first effect keeps all Dragon monsters safe from card effects until the end of the next turn.

But its the second effect we’re looking at. Once per-turn Azure-Eyes can special summon 1 Normal Monster from the graveyard.

This makes it very easy to summon Blue-Eyes alongside Azure-Eyes. Doing this basically gives you full field control by easily getting up to three monsters with 2500+ ATK on the field.

Plus, with Azure-Eyes first effect it keeps your first Blue-Eyes from being affected by card effects. It makes it easier to keep them out without fear of them being destroyed.

Mausoleum of White is another card you can add into this combo to make it much better. With this field spell, you can get a Light Tuner monster easier to summon Azure-Eyes.

Then you can use its other effect to send a Normal monster(Blue-Eyes) to the graveyard in order to boost the ATK and DEF of one monster equal to the sent monsters level. This not only empowers a monster but it gets Blue-Eyes to the grave.

From there the combo falls on Azure-Eyes effect. It is a great three card field control combo that isn’t too hard to set up.

Light Effigy and Dragon Spirit of White

Blue-Eyes is one of the most powerful Dragon cards in Duel Links. Even compared to other 3000 ATK monsters that have an effect, it’s way up there.

Dragon Spirit of White makes it a little easier to get your Blue-Eyes on the field. With the help of Light Effigy, you can tribute Summon Dragon Spirit with just that one card instead of two like you’d normally need.

Afterward, Dragon Spirit’s effect takes over. His first lets you banish a spell or trap your opponent controls then if you have a monster you can special summon Blue-Eyes from your hand.

So getting Blue-Eyes out becomes much easier but there is a note in Dragon Spirits effect. It’s always treated as a Normal monster when it’s in the Hand or Graveyard.

This means you can special summon Dragon Spirit through the many magic cards that target Normal Monsters. Then once Dragon Spirit is back on the field you can easily use it to summon a second Blue-Eyes if you wanted to.

Cosmo Brain, Rider of the Storm Winds, Blue-Eyes White Dragon

So this is a big combo that turns Blue-Eyes into a big power player as well as Cosmo Brain. You need to get Cosmo Brain out on the field first to start this combo.

To summon Cosmo Brain you have to send a non-effect monster to the Graveyard from your hand or field. Then it gains ATK points equal to the number of the sent monster by x200.

So by sending Blue-Eyes with this effect Cosmo Brain will end up with 3100 ATK points. Then you can use his second effect to send an Effect monster on your field to the Graveyard to special summon one Normal Monster from your hand or deck.

This lets you bring Blue-Eyes to the field and once he’s out you bring in Rider of the Storm. This is an equip monster card for Dragon-types and it turns Blue-Eyes into a real hitter.

Rider of the Storm Winds equips itself to a Dragon monster. It then gives that monster the piercing effect, dealing damage to defense monster equal to the difference in DEF and ATK.

But it also allows you to save Blue-Eyes from being destroyed and destroy Rider of the Storm Winds instead. Piercing on Blue-Eyes makes it a very powerful card and adding a one-time destruction save makes it even better.

But combo it with a powered up Cosmo Brain and you have two 3000+ ATK monsters on the field. One of them with piercing and the other able to use Effect monsters to special summon another Normal type.

It’s a pretty big combo but a very good one when used correctly.

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