Top Decks for Arkana

Top Decks for Arkana

Arkana Decks

Arkana is a playable character in Duel Links. He’s obtained by raising your rank in the original Yu-Gi-Oh world section of the game.

Arkana focuses a lot on Spellcaster-Type monsters, specifically the Dark Magician. His skills Master of Magicians and A Trick Up the Sleeve are great for decks that focus those two tropes.

There are a few good decks for Arkana to use that make him a very viable character. None of these decks are listed in a specific order, each of them is good in different ways and scenarios.

Dark Magician’s Deck

This deck is best used with the Master of Magician’s skill. It is entirely based around getting Dark Magician on the field and has up to four different ways to summon him.

Method 1









The first combo consists of Magician’s Rod, Dark Magic Curtain, Dark Magician, and the MoM(Master of Magician’s) skill. You start by using Magician’s Rod’s effect and bring Dark Magic Curtain to your hand.

Then you activate Dark Magic Curtain to special summon Dark Magician. But by doing so you’ll lose half your LP, most likely over 2000 in one go.

This activates MoM and allows you to pull a Thousand Knives, Dark Magic Attack, or Dark Magic Expanded. It is a great set up for getting Dark Magician out and having card combos ready on that first turn.

Method 2

This next combo requires you having the above three cards in your hand. You start by summoning Legion and using his effect to gain an extra Normal Summon.

You then Tribute Summon Dark Magician Girl with Legion then activate Sage’s Stone. This gets you Dark Magician out along with Dark Magician Girl.

Method 3

This next one is kind of interchangeable. You can use Skilled Dark Magician to get 3 spell counters and special summon Dark Magician to the field.

Or you can just use Ancient Rules to Special Summon Dark Magician from your hand. Also note, if you’re running more than one Dark Magician you can use Ancient Rules to special summon on and using it adds 1 counter to Skilled Dark Magician so you can build up to summoning another.


This deck is a bit different from what you’d expect a character like Arkana to use. But it focuses on his A Trick Up the Sleeve ability.

Deck Method

The deck’s main strategy is to use Arkana’s ability to always have Cosmo Brain out on the field to Synchro-Summon Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon on turn one. This is an opening move strategy that the deck is built around.

With Akrana’s ability, you get a random Level 7 or higher Spellcaster in your first hand. Cosmo Brains effect lets you easily get him on the field with another monster in order to Synchro Summon.

This is a powerful opening combo and having Azure-Eyes on the field in the first turn makes it very hard for your opponent to gain their bearings. Chances are if done right you will end up winning the duel most of the time.


This deck is a balanced Dark Magician focusing on him as the signature monster. With cards like Legion and Skilled Dark Magician, it’s very easy to get him on the field.

It is also outfitted with a few trap cards designed to help you get control of the field. Mirror Wall and Champion’s Vigilance being very good attack counter cards.

Combo 1

A simple combo you can use in this deck is activating Dark Magic Curtain to get Dark Magician on the field then have Thousand Knives ready and waiting. Since you can’t summon in the same turn you use Dark Magic Curtain it’s great to use Thousand Knives to clear one monster on the field.

If you use this early in the duel chances are your opponent only has one monster out. Getting Dark Magician on the field, then playing a Thousand Knives clears the field for you to get a direct attack off.

Combo 2

Another good combo to use and can be a good follow up to the first one. By playing Magician’s Rod you can get 1 Spell/Trap card from your deck to your hand that lists Dark Magician in the name.

Getting Dark Magic Attack is a good choice if you started by using Thousand Knives. This allows you to clear any Spell or Traps on your opponent’s field.

Again, if used in the early duel you can essentially clear the entirety of your opponent’s field. This gives you a bit of field control because you’ll leave them completely defenseless.


This is a simple deck but a fun one to use. The only monsters are Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, and Legion the Fiend Jester and the focus like most Arkana decks is getting Dark Magician on the field.

Similar combos can be used in this deck. Summoning Legion to get Dark Magician Girl out then playing Sage’s stone to summon Dark Magician.

That’s probably the main combo of this deck because once you have Dark Magician out you can use Dark Magic Attack to clear spells.

Enemy Controller is a nice addition to this deck. This card makes it very easy to control the field once you have a Dark Magician out.

Use it to change monster battle-positions to your liking. Or go further and tribute your Legion or Dark Magician Girl cards to take control of their monster and open up the field for an attack.

This deck is very easy to get setups with and you’ll have a Dark Magician out with little effort. It’s a fun one to play with.

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