Ultimate Rising Top 5 Cards

Ultimate Rising Top 5 Cards

Ultimate Rising

Ultimate Rising is one of the first card boxes added to Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links. It has a lot of classic cards for the game, a lot of which aren’t in the current meta.

But there are still a lot of good cards in this box that deserves the spotlight. This box has a lot of support cards in Monsters. Spells. and Traps.

Sphere Kuriboh

Sphere Kuriboh is one of the best support cards in Duel Links. Sharing the similar effect of other Kuriboh cards, by discarding this card when a monster attacks you can change their battle position essentially negating the attack.

But Sphere Kuriboh has a bonus effect that other Kuriboh’s don’t typically have. If you Ritual Summon a monster while Sphere Kuriboh is in the graveyard, you can banish it to act as one of the Ritual materials.

This is extremely helpful for Ritual based decks and makes it very easy to get Ritual monsters out. Getting Sphere Kuriboh to the grave takes no effort whatsoever, then after that, all you need to do is have your Ritual cards ready.

Cat’s Ear Tribe

Cat’s Ear Tribe is an interesting card that offers some good utility if used correctly. Its effect makes it so the ATK of an attacking monster is 200 during the damage step.

That’s gonna make the ATK match up with Cat’s Ear Tribe and both monsters are gonna be destroyed. And this effect works on any monster so even high hitting ones are gonna fall to it.

But to really benefit from this effect you need a single equip card for Cat’s Ear Tribe. Doesn’t even have to be anything special just something that gets his ATK over 200.

Give Cat’s Ear Tribe any equip card that boosts its ATK and you basically control the whole field. If a monster attacks it’s gonna be destroyed and while your equipped Cat’s Ear Tribe sits on the field your opponent will hold off on attacking letting you stall until you have all the cards you need to win.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

One of the most powerful cards in the game and the banner monster for this card pack. Ultimate Dragon is a monster with 4500 ATK points and requires the fusions of 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragons.

Ultimate Dragon can be a little difficult to get out because not only do you need three Blue-Eyes but you also need a fusion spell card to summon it. This kind of card is what stall strategies are for.

Just like Cat’s Ear Tribe, use a card like that to control the field and stall your opponent. While the stall is running you’re free to draw every turn and build up your hand until you get the 4 cards needed to summon Ultimate Dragon.

Once it’s on the field you’re going to brute force any monster your opponent summons unless they have a dangerous effect. This card still outclasses a lot of the heavy hitters in the game.

Magical Arm Shield

This is a great trap card and one of my personal favorites. Magical Arm Shield is activated when your opponent attacks and allows you to take one of their monsters and pull it to your side of the field until the end of the Battle Phase.

The monster you take is chosen as the new attack target keeping your monster safe and forcing your opponent to attack their own monster. This is one of the best support Trap cards out there and it’s still good to this day.

If used at the right time you can really destroy an opponents strategy by getting rid of their powerful monster. Or clearing their field if they’re trying to tribute summon something next turn.

Twin Swords of Flashing Light – Tryce

Part of the Guardian monsters set, this equip card is extremely helpful for those powerful monsters in your deck. Get a real powerhouse out like Ultimate Dragon or Gliford the Lightning and equip them with twin swords.

By discarding one card from your hand you can equip them with this card. They’re gonna lose 500 ATK points but gain two attacks every battle phase.

That right there pretty much makes any powerful monster you throw out a real danger. If we’re talking a monster that’s 3000 ATK or more the lowest they’re gonna drop is 2500.

A monster with 2500 ATK being able to attack twice in one turn is devastating. That’s the end of a duel right there if your opponent’s field is empty.

Even if it’s on a 2500 ATK monster that drops to 2000 ATK that is still a lot and giving 2 attacks each turn. This is one of the better equip cards because of that effect.

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