Valkyrie’s Rage Top 10 Cards

Valkyrie’s Rage Top 10 Cards

Valkyrie’s Rage

Valkyrie’s Rage was one of the early main boxes released in Duel Links. It brought in a lot of LIGHT, Fairy-Type, and The Agent Archetype.

This list will go over ten of the best cards in this pack. Keep in mind they are in no particular order.

Big Core

Big Core Is a Machine monster that is pretty easy to get on the field. It’s a one monster tribute for a 2300 ATK value.

Its effect is what makes it so effective. When it’s Normal Summoned, 3 counters are placed on it and while it has counters this card cannot be destroyed.

Whenever Big Core battles you must remove one counter. If there are no counters on this card it is destroyed automatically.

This is a great card to use as a defense system because of its ability to avoid destruction by battle. Especially if you can use a card to keep throwing counters on it.

The Fiend Megacyber

Simple yet effective monster card. The Fiend Megacyber is a 6-star monster with 2200 ATK points making it a fairly strong card to have.

But due to its effect, you can completely ignore normal summoning it. When your opponent has two or more monsters than you have, you can Special Summon this card.

It’s a very easy way to get this monster on the field as well as a normal summons right after. It’s a great card to use when your field is empty and you need to get something out to turn the tide.

Soul Exchange

Probably one of the most effective spell cards in the game. Soul Exchange targets one monster your opponent controls.

On the turn when you use this card and tribute a monster you can tribute the targetted one for the summon. You can’t go into your Battle Phase in the same turn.

So basically this card lets you tribute one of your opponent’s monsters to summon one of yours. That means you only need one monster on your field in order to summon a 7 star or higher monster. It’s a great utility spell.

Xing Zhen Hu

A good trap card for field control strategies. Xing Zhen Hu lets you select two set Spell or Traps your opponent as out.

Once activated those two set cards cannot be used. This makes it to where your opponent only has one free Spell/Trap zone.

The only way they can play any more spells is if they use something to destroy the two set cards that are unusable. It’s really good for putting a lockdown on their Spells and Traps.

Angel 07

Angel 07 is a powerful monster with a powerful effect. When it is tribute summoned it gains the effect to negate all other monster effects.

This essentially makes it so every single monster that is on the field becomes a normal monster. Effects are useless and all that matters are the ATK/DEF values.

And this card has a 2500 ATK value making it very powerful. So being paired with this effect can turn a duel into a quick wipe if your opponent relies on monster effects.

Asura Priest

Asura Priest is a Spirit monster which means it’s returned to the hand at the end of every turn. Normally that is an issue but this Spirit monster has a great effect to go with that.

When it is summoned, this card is able to attack every monster your opponent has on the field. Its attack value is 1700 so it’s a pretty strong card.

Being able to send it out and field wipe your opponent’s side of the field is great. And then it is returned to your hand so if it’s your only monster you’re left defenseless so there is a bit of preparation that comes with this card.

Divine Wrath

This card is essentially Raigeki Break for Monster Effects. When a Monster Effect is activated you can Discard 1 card to negate the activation and then destroy that monster.

This is a highly useful card when dealing with a lot of effect monsters. It’s a one time use and only works on one monster but there are a lot of monsters out there with pretty powerful active effects for this to be used on.

White-Horned Dragon

Another powerful 6-star monster. White-Horned Dragon is great against decks that heavily use Spell cards.

When this card is summoned you can banish up to 5 spell cards from your opponent’s graveyard. When you do this card gains 300 ATK for each card banished.

So at max 5 spell cards, that brings this monster’s attack up to 3100 ATK. That is extremely powerful for a 6-star and a very easy power boost to plan out by letting your opponent burn through their spells.

Mirror of Yata

This is a card that is specifically for Spirit monsters and is essential for any Spirit deck. Equip it to a spirit monster and its “Return to hand” effect is negated.

This allows a Spirit monster to stay on the field. It has a second effect that destroys this card instead of the spirit monster if it would be destroyed by battle.

Most Spirit monsters have great effects and are decently powerful. This spell is a must have if you’re using any Spirit monsters.

Fairy Meteor Crush

A simple card that has been around since the original meta of the game. This spell gives the piercing effect to any monster equipped with it.

So any time the equipped monster attacks a Defense monster they take the difference as battle damage. It’s a great card to put on monsters with high ATK.

It’s really simple and doesn’t seem that special in any way. But this card is a classic utility spell and is good for any deck.

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