Visual Guide to Create a Konami ID and “How to” perform a Data Transfer in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links.

Visual Guide to Create a Konami ID and “How to” perform a Data Transfer in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links.

Hi there 🙂 Zhenryu here, today i’ll teach you how to create your very own Konami ID, if you have been playing Yu-GI-Oh! Duel Links you may notice that registering your Konami ID is required to perform certain actions such as the data transfer between devices and also to back-up your game data, so, let’s begin:

This picture above is the page you have to visit in order to register your Konami ID, the page can be found in the following link: You know the drill, fill up the form and once you’re done hit the “Next” button.

Afterwards you will receive an E-mail with the URL to continue your registration, this took around 3 minutes in my case, it may be a bit more or less time in your case, give it a while 🙂

This is the page Konami send to my E-Mail, you must fill this form carefully because this is the most important window in this process because you have to write down your password, a quick tip: turn off your keyboard caps for the username, because i spent like 12 minutes figuring out why i couldn’t enter my username.

You can also decide if you want to renew your password periodically or leave it as it is, i recommend changing your password monthly, because if you’re like me and tend to forget things easily, you can just rotate between your passwords every month, then for the rest of the form, they will keep asking a couple of routine questions, hit the Next button once you’re done.

In this page you can review your information, “proof read” what you wrote, etc. Hit the Next button once you’re done reading, and are satisfied with your answers.

After reviewing your information, you will be prompted to an “Update your personal information” page, there you can fill the “blank spaces” with your name, your address, etc… You can choose to leave them blank if you want, again, these are just routine questions, hit the Next button once you’re done.

And congratulations! You just created your very own Konami ID, remember your username and password or (pool of passwords to rotate monthly). Now you can use this Konami ID and password to perform your first data transfer and “Link” your Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links account to your Konami Account.

How to Data Transfer

To perform the first data transfer, start your game and open your settings menú, which is located in the top right corner of the screen represented with a little “cog” icon, afterwards click on the [Data Tranfer Settings] button and you will receive a message like the next one:

Click on the [Launch Browser for Data Transfer Set Up] Button to begin with the “Data Transfer” process, be wary though, if you try to back up data, using a previously created Konami account in this case let’s name it: (account #1) you will overwrite all the previously backed up data with the (account #2) data.

To make things clear, don’t try to manage multiple accounts on one device and using only one Konami ID, it’s extremely confusing and may lead to account progress loss.

Next, we have the window to transfer your data to your Konami ID account, introduce both your Konami ID and Password (remember which Konami ID belongs to which account, so you don’t mess things up), in this case since this may be your very first data transfer you don’t have to worry about messing up anything, just introduce the same ID and password as before, then click [Connect], this process is performed automatically, afterwards the page will send you back to the game with the next message:

Congratulations! now your data is all backed up and set, should something happen to your device don’t worry you can recover all your progress as long as you keep your Konami ID and Password, don’t forget to close the browser window afterwards.

By the way, your data back ups automatically! So you don’t have to perform this task multiple times, a week, the first Data Transfer Setup links both your device and Konami ID, so if you happen to lose your device don’t worry, your game progress will resume right were you left it, even if you were in the middle of a duel.

In case you have to switch devices, or in case you sold your old device, you have to install the App on the device you want to use and then select [Data Transfer] and follow the next steps. After clicking [Data Transfer] you will receive a message to confirm this action, if you click yes you will be prompted to the Konami ID login screen.

Login with your account information, and automatically the game will take you back to the last screen you were before swicthing devices.

Don’t forget to close your broswer window (Again), and that’s it! now you know everything about creating your Konami ID, backing up your data, and performing data transfer between devices.

Remember: Once you perform the First Data Transfer you don’t have to worry about updating your data constantly, the data updates itself “Automatically”, since the game is now linked to your Konami ID and not your device.

Regarding data transfer: to make things clear, the first case is (When you made some progress in the game but you don’t have a Konami ID yet), the second case is (When you change devices).

In the first case you create your Konami ID, before the first data transfer your “Cloud” to name it, is empty, and will fill up with all your game data after you perform the first data transfer, this data updates itself so you don’t have to constantly back up your data.

The second case where you bought a new device or are playing on a different one, if you have data already stored in your Konami ID (In this case let’s say data #5) you perform the “Main Screen data transfer” to recover your previously synced data, in this case “The last data on your previously used device”, hope this clears things up a bit.

Thanks a lot for reading and i hope you find this guide useful 🙂

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