World Championship: Decks Analysis

World Championship: Decks Analysis


Hello duelists, this article will be about the actual popular matchups that you will find in your road to King of Games in the World Championship, here you will find how to counter them and what tech cards you should add to your deck if you are having a hard time against these meta decks.


Three Star Demotion Decks

This deck became popular with the recent added playable character Paradox Brothers and his unique Three Star Demotion skill. At first can be a bit hard to play against them if they are able to set up his backrow with their core card Champion’s Vigilance, but the more you encounter them, the more you will be able to predict their plays to not let them protect their summoned monsters cards or to not let them use his skill by lowering their life points.


Due that they can summon or even double summon 7 stars level monsters in one turn, you rely on your luck that your opponent doesn’t have already set two or more Champion’s Vigilance in their backrow to counter you.

Let see how can you be able to counter these decks with some meta decks matchups.


  • Relinquished Decks


With any Relinquished deck variant you can be able to win this match if you are able to summon Relinquished before they can set a Champion’s Vigilance with a 7 star level normal monster in their side of the board.

If they already have their backrow set, a common way to bait the use of their Champion’s Vigilance is to have 2 Black Illusion Ritual in hand to let them destroy the first one and safely summon Relinquished with the other one. Due that Champion’s Vigilance can’t negate the Special Summons, if they don’t destroy the ritual spell card, then you have the match won with your Relinquished in board.


If you are running the Harpie’s variant, if you already have the required cards to summon Relinquished in hand and still have your Harpies Hunting Ground on board, you can bait a Champion’s Vigilance by trying to destroy it with your Field Spell card effect by normal summoning a Harpie monster card and if they use Champion’s Vigilance or if you destroy the trap card, then safely summon your Relinquished.


If your opponent has more than one Champion’s Vigilance set, you can stall after trying to summon your Relinquished with the help of your Sphere Kuriboh or Enemy Controller and try to apply one of the aforementioned tips.


  • Last Gamble Decks


The Last Gamble deck variants have good chances to win the match against this deck due that you need to stall until the turn 5+ of the duel with cards like Blue Dragon Summoner or Enemy Controller, and thanks to the hard backrow removal with the Storm + Wild Tornado combo, you rely on your luck to have at least 2 Storm in case that your opponent has more than one Champion’s Vigilance and the rng luck of a 4+ dice roll.

If you are running the Blue Eyes variant, you can win the match if you are able to summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon with your Champion’s Vigilance set in the board to negate their summons. Also with Blue-Eyes White Dragon being stronger than any level 7 monster card in the game, if you have it already on board you only need to worry if they have any card that could change your monster card battle position to defense position or backrow defense like Mirror Wall that is unlikely to happen in this deck.


You can bait his Champion’s Vigilance by trying to destroy his backrow with Storm and if he uses his card to negate your spell card, then you can safely special summon your Blue-Eyes White Dragon with Kaibaman if they only have one Champion’s Vigilance, so hard backrow removal is recommended first before trying to normal summon your Kaibaman.


If you run the Desert Twister variant of this deck, you only need to worry to stall until you can either use your Last Gamble skill or to Special Summon your Desert Twister, due that Champion’s Vigilance can’t negate Special Summons, after you have Desert Twister on board, you can use its effect to destroy one trap/spell card from his backrow and then continue with the Storm + Wild Tornado combo to remove any normal monster that could be in board.


Also after you use your Last Gamble skill, he won’t be able to use Supremacy Berry efficiently to heal his life points due that you will be at 100 life points, negating any possible use of his Three Star Demotion skill for the rest of the duel if he has 2000 or less life points.


  • Gravekeeper’s Decks


With this strong deck you can try to stall until your opponent uses his Three Star Demotion skill to use Soul Exchange in his summoned monster or using Double Summon to apply the Gravekeeper’s Oracle effect to reduce the monster cards attack by 2000 points.

This is a tricky matchup if he is able to set his Champion’s Vigilance that could either negate your spell cards or any normal summon that you could make. If you have Double Summon and Soul Exchange, you can try to bait his Champion’s Vigilance with Double Summon first, if he negates it you can proceed to use Soul Exchange and you will be able to win tempo destroying his monster card and having a Gravekeeper’s Chief on the board along another Gravekeeper monster card that you could have in the Graveyard.


This tactic rely if the opponent only has one Champion’s Vigilance set on the board, if he has more then you can try to stall with either Enemy Controller, Windstorm of Etaqua or even Sphere Kuriboh until you can repeat the process.


Harpies Decks

This is maybe the deck that you will encounter more in your road to King of Games due that is so versatile to build with the cards that you have, like the Beatdown variant that runs normal high attack normal monster cards like: Sonic Duck, Master Kyonshee, Dunames Dark Witch, etc; Along with the spell card Order to Charge, also defense backrow like Mirror Wall and Enemy Controller. Other variants runs Elegant Egotist with Harpie Lady Sisters along with an aggressive combo with the help of the field spell effect using it in your own Wild Tornado to destroy any face up card on the board.


All these variants and many others have something in common and is that these decks runs 3 harpie’s monster cards, being the most common set with 2 Harpie Lady and Harpie Lady #1. All these decks have a weakness that you can take advantage of it if you play your cards correctly by destroying its field spell card Harpie’s Hunting Ground, you can negate one of their combo that uses Wild Tornado and you also avoid that the opponent destroys your backrow cards.


Let’s see how favorable is this matchup against some meta decks.


  • Weevil Parasite Infestation Decks


This is maybe the most favorable matchup for you if you draw Burning Land in your initial hand to destroy the opponent’s field spell card. Not only that but with the help of Jade Insect Whistle you can negate the next draw of your opponent and also deal 1000 of damage to your opponent, also due the effect of Parasite Paracide while in face up position, it will change your opponent’s monster cards to insect type, negating any wind type boost that Sonic Duck or Harpie Lady monster cards could get.


All that combined with your defense monster cards like Cocoon of Evolution or Big Shield Gardna, you will be able to stall easily if your opponent doesn’t have either Order to Charge to destroy your defenses or cards like Enemy Controller or Windstorm of Etaqua  to change your face up monster cards in defense position to attack position.


Always remember to use your Mask of the Accursed in non normal monster cards like Birdface in this matchup due that your opponent can get rid of his targeted monster with Order to Charge. Also use the masks only when you already destroyed his Harpie’s Hunting Ground field spell card to not let your opponent destroy it with the spell effect.


  • Bluff Trap Decks


This matchup can be thought because you need to take 1200 of damage to activate your skill and be able to chain your Storm + Wild Tornado combo. If your opponent is aware of this situation, you must be ready to stall with either Embodiment of Apophis or Enemy Controller because he will stack his monsters to deal more damage in one turn to not let you activate your skill.

You must try to use Storm as fast as possible to get rid of the field spell card to be able to use your Embodiment of Apophis or Enemy Controller to avoid being destroyed by the spell card effect. New variants of this deck runs Crystal Seer that can also helps to stall and also gain the card advantage.


Now you must be sure to maximize your backrow cleanup while using Storm along Statue of the Wicked to avoid cards like Order to Charge or even Wild Tornado that could potentially destroy your tribute monster card.


I hope that you enjoyed reading these tips and if you want some specific matchups let me know in the comments section.

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